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Hardened Hearts

“Are your hearts hardened? Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear?” Mark 8:17b-18a (ESV) These verses came to mind as I previewed the movie out this weekend, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. The movie tells the true story of...

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On a Plane to D.C.

Early this morning, Concerned Women for America (CWA) President Penny Nance invited me to speak at a Women for Kavanaugh “I Stand with Brett” Rally Thursday on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. sponsored by CWA’s Legislative Action Committee. I’ve stood by and watched...

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For the last several years, I’ve been blessed to travel throughout Europe. I’m on my way home now from a trip that featured St. Petersburg, Russia. Weather prevented us from being able to visit one special place —Gdańsk, Poland where Lech Walesa led the effort to free...

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