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Nothing but “Cover”

Following the U.S. Senate's passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), some, including Arizona Senator John McCain, have pointed to the adoption of the amendment put forward by Senator Rob Portman as evidence that the religious exemption in the bill was...

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Intern with CAP

Interning with Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) provides students with real-life experience working in public policy. We have two great opportunities to get undergraduate or graduate students involved in defending life, marriage and family, and religious liberty right...

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Mike Stafford: Lost Fatherhood

-This post was written by CAP Communications Coordinator Tyler Hudgins In my last blog post, I talked about the dripping irony that I witnessed as I walked up to the late-term abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates, to interview volunteers of the 40 Days for Life...

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Why Marriage Does Matter

Center for Arizona Policy has long advocated that marriage between one man and one woman is an essential building block of our society.  For more on why marriage should not be redefined, check out my recent interview with Tom Brown on KPXQ here:

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Early Voting Begins!

Check your mailboxes! Today is the start of early voting for the General Election for all of Tucson, all of Yuma, and some districts in Phoenix. Be sure to cast your vote, sign the ballot envelope, and place the envelope back into the mail. At,...

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