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Here We Go

Sunday began a new year but the real fun begins Monday with the start of the 2017 Arizona legislative session. It’s a new day with new legislative leadership and new members. I look forward to furthering our work with the new legislature to ensure Arizona is the best...

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December is hectic for most of us. There are Christmas preparations, travel plans, family visits and much more. For our Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) team, it’s also the time we assess our resources as we make plans for the coming year. At CAP, we know there are...

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How Far Can You Reach?

Setting an Example Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) has earned a reputation for being reliable and effective. As a result, other Family Policy Councils (FPCs) throughout the country are able to reproduce many of our valuable tools for use in their states. Your support...

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Lives Affected

As a supporter of Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), you touch lives you don’t even know. Brandy was 33 and addicted to any drug she could get on the street. A slave to the next high, Brandy would never find her way back on her own. Her parents, Lynn and Tom, could no...

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Lives Touched

December is when we all look back at the year nearly behind us and we assess: Did we keep our New Year’s resolution? Did we make progress? Did we grow? At CAP, we look back on 2016 with awe and gratitude that we have been able to be a part of so much progress and that...

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