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Conversion Therapy Bans and Puberty Blockers Harm Children

Conversion Therapy Bans and Puberty Blockers Harm Children

Your son comes to you in his teenage years. Say he’s 15. Another boy has asked your son out on a date. Your son has wrestled with his sexual orientation and is struggling whether to go on this date. Yet, your son does not want to change his sexual orientation to...

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A Tale of Two Worldviews

A Tale of Two Worldviews

It couldn’t have been more clear than it was on the Arizona House floor Tuesday evening. Two viewpoints. Two ways of looking at the exact same issue. No common ground.  Some believing each must take one side over the other – at the cost of the other – and refusing to...

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Victory for Arizona Girls and Women!

Victory for Arizona Girls and Women!

Girls and women in Arizona scored a big victory Tuesday evening in the AZ House, but only by a slim margin. Many house members voted against preserving a level playing field for female athletes, and fought hard to try to kill the bill. Thankfully, 31 courageous state...

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