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Latest Podcasts

Protecting Young Eyes, Part II

You don’t have to look far to see the impact of social media on our youth. In part one of Protecting Young Eyes, Chris McKenna detailed the negative emotional and psychological effects of a consistent diet of digital input, the messages being sent, and the consequences of children and teens replacing real relationships with digital ones. On this episode of Engage Arizona, we continue with the recording of the second part of a CAP event designed to educate and equip parents, churches, and schools to create a safer digital environment for our children.

Protecting Young Eyes, Part I

A whistleblower at Facebook recently leaked inside information revealing the negative impact social media can have on teens. Although not completely a surprise, the confirmation from inside the parent company of Instagram caught parents’ attention. But social media and online games and other content have become an integral part of young people’s everyday lives. Is there a way to truly protect children and teens from the harms of social media and the internet? In this episode of Engage Arizona, we revisit an event CAP hosted with Chris McKenna, founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes to learn about the impact on kids, and the latest apps, digital trends, parental controls and more in this, the first of a two part series.

A Worthy Investment: Equipping Younger Generations

Research shows millennials struggle with depression, fear, and anxiety. Many lack a sense of real meaning in life. Researchers say millennials are part of a generation in crisis, and the next generation is looking for answers. Len Munsil, former President of CAP and current President of Arizona Christian University talks about where to find the answers in this episode of Engage Arizona. Munsil and his wife, Dr. Tracy Munsil, Associate Professor at ACU and Executive Director of the school’s Cultural Resource Center, discuss how to equip young people for this cultural moment.

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