How Satisfied are Arizona Parents with their Child’s School?

How satisfied are Arizona parents with their child’s school? That question, among many others, is what the most recent EdChoice survey sought to find out.

In June and July of 2018, EdChoice surveyed approximately 3,500 Arizona parents with children in district, charter, or private schools “to learn more about their school climate, satisfaction, levels of parental involvement, schooling preferences and trusted sources for educational decisions.”

EdChoice released the results of the survey this week in “Families’ Experiences on The New Frontier of Educational Choice: Findings from a Survey of K-12 Parents in Arizona.”

Parents are Satisfied:

The survey found that 82% of charter school parents reported being “somewhat satisfied or completely satisfied” with their child’s school, whereas 73% of district school parents and 72% of private school parents (with no STO or ESA scholarships) shared a similar outlook.  The numbers were lower for ESA parents and private school parents receiving STO scholarships, with 61% and 57% respectively.

In addition, the survey found:

The most influential factors when choosing a school: (three highest)

  • ESA parents:
    • 18% Academics
    • 13% Discipline
    • 12% Individual, one-on-one attention
  • Private school parents (with STO scholarship):
    • 23% Academics
    • 19% Religious environment/instruction
    • 14% Morals/character/values instruction
  • Private school parents (no ESA or STO scholarship):
    • 29% Academics
    • 14% Individual, one-on-one attention
    • 13% Morals/character/values instruction
  • Charter school parents:
    • 44% Academics
    • 9% Morals/character/values instruction
    • 9% Safe environment
  • District school parents:
    • 24% Academics
    • 20% Close to home and/or work
    • 19% This is my assigned neighborhood school

How did families first hear about the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) or Tax-credit Scholarship Program (STOs): (3 highest)

  • ESA parents: 34% friends or family; 27% internet; 23% district school
  • Private school parents with STO scholarship: 34% friends or family; 28% private school; 13% church; 13% district school

Arizona parent’s most trusted source for learning about educational choice programs: (3 highest)

  • ESA parents: 20% friends or relatives; 14% district school; 12% internet
  • Private school parents with STO scholarship: 28% friends or relatives; 11% church; 10% district school

For a complete copy of the survey responses, click here.

Schooling Options in Arizona:

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) supports a parent’s right to choose from a wide variety of school options, including district, charter, online, private, or homeschool. Parents are in the best position to make these choices, as they are the most familiar with the educational needs, personalities, learning styles, and interests of their children. Here are some resources to explore the K-12 educational options available in Arizona:

  1. Schooling Options: CAP’s School Choice Policy Page describes the various K-12 schooling options in Arizona, including open enrollment in district schools, charter schools, online public schools, private schools (with ESA and STO scholarships), Empowerment Scholarship Account program, and homeschool. To find out more about these educational options and how to find the right school, click here.
  2. Hear From Parents: Hear from parents about their experiences with various schooling options at Beauty in School Choice, a six-episode series highlighting the benefits of educational freedom in Arizona.
  3. Hear From School Choice Expert: CAP’s podcast Engage Arizona recently had the privilege of hosting Jason Bedrick, Director of Policy at EdChoice, to discuss school choice issues. To listen to the interview, click here.

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