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AZ Senate Outlaws Infanticide!

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President, Cathi Herrod, Esq. Every baby deserves a chance at life. SB 1600 ensures all babies receive the care needed to give them that chance by prohibiting infanticide. An infant’s value is not based on his or her life...

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End “Slow Code”

Laws should solve problems. SB 1600 solves a problem that has hidden quietly within some healthcare circles and leaves new parents heartbroken. Some healthcare facilities are not providing appropriate care for babies born with genetic conditions, allowing them to...

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Arizona’s Future?

Every year, we see a host of destructive bills that we work to ensure never gain traction. Now that the Legislature and executive branch are split ideologically, tensions are high, and efforts are emboldened. The list of bills some lawmakers hope to get to Governor...

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Igniting a Firestorm

Nothing enflames the abortion industry like a grand victory for the pro-life movement. The overturning of Roe last June righted a horrible wrong; it also ignited a firestorm against all pro-life efforts, villainizing even the most compassionate, service-focused...

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A Drag on Society

  Drag queen story hour has quickly become drag queen grooming hour, exposing young children to sexually charged performances, stripping, and even touching between performers and minors. What started with men dressed in heavy women’s makeup and glitzy dresses...

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