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It’s Not About Equality

A grim warning to parents and grandparents before June comes to an end: We know about the sexually explicit books in schools and libraries, drag queen “story hours,” and the not-so-subtle innuendo in children’s shows and movies. And perhaps some of us are desensitized...

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Glimmers of Hope

If you have seen enough rainbows, enough “family friendly” drag shows, and enough pride flags on public property, I have good news; you are not alone, and we may be seeing the beginning of the end of an overplayed hand. Dr. Andrew T. Walker, Associate Dean in the...

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Targeting Toddlers

Elmo celebrates pride month, Ms. Rachel invites a self-proclaimed transgender to join “Songs for Littles,” and the U.S. Department of Education and the Arizona Education Association embrace all the letters and all the colors of the trans movement. These are the people...

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Help for Parents, Students

If Christ’s disciples stole his body and Jesus never rose from the dead, Christianity is built on sand and we are “to be pitied,” as the Apostle Paul put it. But how do we know they didn’t steal Christ’s body? What is the evidence that the Son of God died and rose...

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