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Life on the Line

Click to hear CAP’s latest podcast   We should be celebrating Arizona’s new pro-life law set to take effect next week. Instead, we wait for a ruling on whether an Arizona judge will issue a preliminary injunction, putting a hold on the law pending the outcome of...

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Ensuring Fair Treatment

Listen to this week's podcast here. Sometimes laws come about in unusual ways. At CAP, we review needed legislation every year and talk with lawmakers about how to get things done. But last year, in the midst of COVID, an article in the local paper struck me. Advocacy...

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445 Days

Like it or not, we are a little over a year from another election. November 8, 2022 is just 445 days away. In an effort to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in Arizona elections, Arizonans for Voter ID sponsored by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, filed a ballot...

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Devil, Details

Whatever you think about the state of our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, we can agree that fundamentally changing the definition of sex in federal law shouldn’t be part of infrastructure funding. But there it is, hidden deep in the 2,702 page, $1 trillion...

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