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In the midst of this COVID crazy year and deep concerns about the elections results, let’s not overlook the Advent season. Let us remember to rejoice for this is the day the Lord has made. We have been put in this time and place for a reason. It’s not a time for...

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Speaking Boldly

For most of us, the only thing to be grateful about is that 2020 is almost over. A pandemic . . . lockdowns imposed by politicians who are largely immune from their worst effects . . . rioting and looting on a scale never seen before in American history . . . a...

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Legal Victories

The election aftermath has become top of mind the last few weeks. So much so that many have missed a number of major developments – all legal victories! Four very recent court rulings, including from the U.S. Supreme Court, have strengthened religious freedom,...

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Freedom on Trial

The U.S. Supreme Court - now with five constitutionalists serving on the bench - will decide an important religious freedom case this session. Justice Amy Coney Barrett was on the bench last week when the Court heard oral arguments in Catholic Social Services v City...

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Call her Justice Barrett

Despite a Democrat Senate Judiciary Committee boycott and a concerted effort to stop the legitimate confirmation of a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, the Senate today did confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Barrett made it clear at her...

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