No Room for Christian Pride

We could easily exceed our five minutes considering the LGBT movement from a Christian worldview. We would have to include God’s creation and design, His love, His plan for salvation, sin, corruption, and redemption. And we would just be getting started. Instead, we will start the conversation and invite you to join a live webinar on the subject Monday evening with Dr. Andrew Walker, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Public Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC). Click here to register.

There have been efforts to sidestep the issue in the name of love, but that ends up looking a lot like affirmation, and loving our neighbor requires truth. Most importantly, we must first honor God in how we approach the issue of LGBT, even if the world calls it “hate.” Jesus warned us about this. But we must also guard against leaning on that to justify ungodly behavior.

We also must distinguish between those caught up in the lies of the LGBT movement, and the movement itself. There are those who celebrate the gay lifestyle and actively push gender confusion in schools, the news and entertainment media, in politics, and explicitly to very young children.

Counsel to Consider

1) The EPPC explored the importance of seriously thinking through the biblical perspective of pride month and all that goes with it. It includes a thought experiment that challenges us to consider the love demands put on us regarding LGBT, and how that looks far different if demanded by less sympathetic characters. It also walks us through a deep consideration of just who are the victims and how do we respond? This, especially at a time when kids are targeted by drag queens, made to question their gender before they can pronounce the word, and convinced by those in authority to irreversibly alter their gender. Read the article here and the initial piece in World here.

2) Rosaria Butterfield has a podcast on the subject of “How Christians should respond to the lies of our culture,” where she answers common claims and arguments related to sexuality and gender. They include:’

  • Why oppose the label “Gay Christian”
  • Acceptance vs. approval
  • Is it respectful to use preferred pronouns?

3) Steven Lawson and Burk Parsons discuss the difficult predicament many Christians find themselves in when asked to attend a transgender or same-sex wedding. They get into many of the considerations listed above, such as God’s created order, love vs. affirmation, honoring God above all else, and truth.

4) Joseph Backholm wrote a helpful piece this time last year where he lists 10 things Christians need to remember during pride month, including:

  • You can love the way God wants you to or the way the world wants you to, but not both
  • Being a Christian is supposed to feel weird (We aren’t supposed to do or love the same things as the world around us)
  • Don’t give an inch (“The fear of man is a snare”)

As we consider how to respond to the LGBT movement from a biblical worldview, we cannot forget the consequences of allowing the powerful agenda to take hold, and the consequences of standing against it.

You will remember Jack Phillips, the Christian baker from Colorado who, though serving all customers, would not violate his faith and design a cake for a same-sex wedding. Jack has been fighting almost 12-years for his right not to be forced to participate in events that violate his faith.

He is back in court Tuesday. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is representing him again in front of the Colorado Supreme Court in an effort to defend Jack’s religious freedom and not be coerced into embracing LGBT ideology.

Read more here and join the live stream Tuesday morning. Please be praying for Jack and ADF attorneys.


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