Ignoring Facts, Spitting Rainbows

A major study finds dangerous gender altering drugs and surgeries do not prevent suicide, and several countries are putting an end to both for minors after finding no evidence they benefit gender confused kids and teens. Yet, the rainbow flag and all it represents flies high in the United States as the LGBT movement continues to force its ideology into schools, stores, locker rooms, and sports arenas. Every day is beginning to look like June.

Children’s games feature “transgender” characters, as Super Mario goes super woke. Walmart replaces Target as the purveyor of pride merch, even as Target waffles back and forth on who to pander to: customers or activists. And raunchy drag queens targeting children try to sell their smut as “drag art.” The news obliged with an article titled, “The art of drag is a target. With pride month near, performers are organizing to fight back.”  You don’t even have to read the article to infer the “performers” are “targets” of attacks. The article itself paints the drag queens as victims of accusations about “sexualization” and “grooming” of children. All of it is a concerted effort to continue a narrative that flies in the face of reality. And while some make their best effort to force a mainstream narrative, others pull back the veil, exposing a gruesome evil. This example demands a strong warning before viewing.

The report mentioned at the outset tears down repeated claims by LGBT activists, some politicians, and even the medical community that children who believe they are the opposite sex must be pumped with cross-sex hormones and surgically altered or they will kill themselves. The report found the irreversible drugs and surgeries did no such thing.

The growing evidence calling into question the blanket affirmation of a child’s desire to attempt to change his or her gender raised flags in several countries, causing them to halt the aggressive procedures and even question why the many political and medical leaders in United States continue to drive their heads deeper into the sand.

Dr. Hilary Cass, the Pediatrician behind the study said,

“We’re failing these kids, and we’re failing other kids in terms of the amount of mental health support we have available,” she said. “That is a huge problem — not just for gender-questioning young people. And I think that’s partly a reflection of the fact that the system’s been caught out by a growth of demand that is completely outstripping the ability to provide it.”

Still, June will bring unending rainbows at many businesses as they bend over backward to venerate the LGBT movement, which continually pushes policies violating free speech and religion. Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) recently released their annual business index ranking businesses based on their respect for free speech and religious freedom. This year, X Corp came in dead last with a 2% rating, while Paychex received the highest score of 34%. Click here for the index and the breakdown of scores. Click here for more on the index.

Center for Arizona Policy will be covering this issue from different angles throughout the month, informing and equipping Arizonans with resources to help navigate this cultural attack on the created order, its effects on those who hold to a scientific and biological view of humanity, and how to see the LGBT issues through a biblical worldview. We will be discussing the latter topic Monday, June 17th with Andrew Walker of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC). I hope you will join us. Click here to register.


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