Targeting Toddlers

Elmo celebrates pride month, Ms. Rachel invites a self-proclaimed transgender to join “Songs for Littles,” and the U.S. Department of Education and the Arizona Education Association embrace all the letters and all the colors of the trans movement.

These are the people capturing our children’s hearts and guiding their education. Unsuspecting three and four-year-olds love furry characters and rainbows, and five and six-year-olds idolize their teachers. If parents don’t step in, our little ones will know no other reality. And that is by design.

They claim they are teaching love, not introducing sex. Ms. Rachel celebrated pride month and invited Dylan Mulvaney to join her popular YouTube show for very young toddlers. You might remember Mulvaney from a previous controversy when Bud Light suffered major losses for using the man dressed as a woman to peddle their beer. Ms. Rachel misquotes the Bible in her explanation of why she says celebrating the transgender movement is “loving all people.” She ignores the part about God’s created order in her overused assertion conflating love with affirmation.

In a social media post, Sesame Street “celebrated and uplifted LGBTQIA+” and Elmo himself shouted out a “happy pride” to young impressionable viewers. It is a short step from “loving” puppets to drag queens perform raunchy shows advertised as “family friendly. I’m linking an example here to corroborate my point, but I don’t recommend you look beyond the headline of the article. Children are seen watching the men with gaudy make-up and little clothing dance provocatively on stage and boldly showing all they can get away with revealing.

The Mayor of West Hollywood, California on local TV touted the many children at that city’s pride parade (seen here at 2:00), where men are seen wearing almost nothing. I won’t even link to some of the video.

The blatant oversexualized targeting of children is prevalent throughout the month of June and beyond. But it is a more subdued and watered down version you will see on the news that critiques parents who blow the whistle and unmask the morbid truth. This news headline paints the same West Hollywood parade as sparking “talk of joy and inclusivity, trans rights, and a thread of fear” over claimed “political backlash.”

Don’t buy what they are selling; if their “gender expression” involves little clothing and a child audience, they are not victims.

Five Minutes for Families will be covering this important topic all month to keep you informed and provide resources to help families navigate this critical cultural moment. Andrew Walker of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) will join us June 17th for a live discussion on how to see the LGBT issue through a biblical worldview. I hope you will join us. Click here to register.

Listen here to a brief podcast discussion previewing the topics ahead and why it is important to intentionally think through these issues.


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