Holding the Line

Many thought the House and Senate might fold on abortion, but nothing is predictable at the Arizona Capitol.

Local and national news media, pro-life and pro-abortion activists descended on the state Capitol Wednesday for a showdown on the pre-Roelaw prohibiting abortion except to save the life of the mother. The word was that lawmakers in the House would repeal the pre-Roe law. But House Speaker Ben Toma refused to bring the repeal up for a vote because he is steadfastly pro-life, “I understand we have deeply held beliefs. I would ask that everyone in this chamber would respect that some of us believe abortion is in fact the murder of children. The last thing we should be doing today is rushing a bill through the legislative process that repeals a law that has been affirmed by the legislature many times. This pre-Roe law is still being litigated in court and has not even been confirmed … Bringing this bill to the floor cuts out the public and the chance for this to be heard in committees.”

All but one pro-life representative stood with Speaker Toma. Representative Matt Gress joined with pro-abortion lawmakers to roll the Speaker and bring the repeal to a vote. Gratefully, it was not enough. After a second attempt to pressure additional representatives with another vote, the majority shut down the circus.

Pro-abortion activists turned to the Senate for a different answer and found two additional senators willing to begin the procedural process to bring the repeal to a vote. Senators Shawnna Bolick and T.J. Shope joined with pro-abortion lawmakers to vote for repeal in the coming weeks.

It’s important not to miss the victory in this. For now, 44 lawmakers who campaigned as pro-life kept their word to voters. Don’t be discouraged. A lot can happen in a week and as I said, nothing is predictable at the Arizona Capitol. Be praying and come fill the House and Senate galleries next Wednesday to show lawmakers you expect them to keep their promises to you, the voters, by securing the pre-Roe law.

As I’ve been telling the media the last two weeks, for me, this is about protecting the lives of unborn babies and sparing their mothers the pain and harms of abortion. We’ve never wavered on standing for babies and their mothers. We’re not about to now because of the political winds. We will hold to our convictions.


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