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New Election Laws

Intense controversy surrounding the 2020 election has led to a number of changes in Arizona election law over the past two years. Many are designed to strengthen election integrity and ensure that only eligible U.S. citizens vote in Arizona. Some have been challenged...

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Warning: There are more than 50 clinics throughout Arizona that serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. Under the shadowy label, “Pregnancy Resource Centers,” these centers supply resources to pregnant women, including baby clothes, formula, parenting classes, car...

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Incredible Victories!

The Arizona 2022 legislative session ended early Saturday morning with incredible, groundbreaking victories for life, parental rights, educational freedom, religious freedom, child protections, and more. When the Legislature adjourned sine die, it had passed 11...

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Why Do You Care?

The often-stated argument from the LGBTQ movement demanding same-sex marriage in 2015 was, “It doesn’t affect you.” They asked the rhetorical question, “Why do you care?” This is why: Another Christian professional is in court defending her right to free speech and to...

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A Deluge of Dogma

Prepare to be engulfed in every color of the rainbow, inundated with messages suggesting you have no choice but to embrace the ever-growing alphabet of the LGBTQ+ movement. It is no longer about acceptance, all must submit at the expense of your own beliefs of...

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Summer Assignment

Before settling into summer, consider the fall. Blink and the kids will be starting a new year of school. Now is the time to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about what is best for your children or grandchildren. Gratefully, Arizona provides many options for...

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