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Abortion in Arizona

A possible U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Dobbs that overturns Roe v. Wade cannot come soon enough. The Arizona Department of Health Services abortion report for 2020 spells out every life lost and every woman harmed by the lies peddled by the abortion industry. The...

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What Haunts our Country

“Roe versus Wade and Planned Parenthood versus Casey haunt our country. They have no basis in the Constitution. They have no home in our history or traditions. They've damaged the democratic process. They've poisoned the law. They've choked off compromise. For 50...

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Kim was homeless and in an abusive relationship when she gave birth to Braiden. She loved her son but knew he would be safe and have more opportunities with another family. Although it was difficult to let him go that day, Kim later discovered she had gained a new...

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Families in the Crosshairs

In order to “Build Back Better,” one has to first tear things down. In the case of the $1.7 trillion social spending bill Democrats are now trying to pass, it appears at least one target for demolition is the family. The social spending bill, whittled down from the...

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Push, Push Back

Listen to CAP's latest podcast here It’s no secret the country is deeply divided on many issues - abortion and human sexuality among the more significant topics. The Biden Administration continues to plow through social, cultural, and legal norms on its way to...

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Don’t Miss This

Listen to CAP's latest podcast here So much news recently demands our attention. In this week’s 5 Minutes for Families, we share some key developments, as well as some helpful tools to equip pro-life advocates and parents to answer arguments and combat wokeness....

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A Supreme Test

Listen to CAP's latest podcast here This past Monday, the first Monday in October, marked the beginning of the term for the U.S. Supreme Court – a term that could prove revolutionary. The Court will rule on a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the case that in 1973...

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Every Step a Worthy Battle

Listen to CAP's latest podcast here Pro-life advocates hold back emboldened attacks on life, while fighting for every victory along the way. We see it at the State Legislature, in Congress, from the White House, and in the courts. We celebrate and protect the...

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