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Something to be Proud Of

If you watch TV, view social media, search the internet, shop, or pretty much do anything outside your home in the month of June, you have witnessed the pride of immorality. The constant barrage of rainbows, drag queens, and LGBTQ messages target consumers and...

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Gov. Hobbs Fails to Protect Children

Governor Hobbs had a perfect opportunity to do what she had promised: to protect children from harm. But the Governor vetoed a bill today that would have protected girls’ privacy and safety on school campus while also accommodating students struggling with their...

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Rainbow Roulette

Corporations pandering to the LGBTQ lobby risk billions of dollars trying to find the line between serving customers and serving an agenda. Where do you draw the line? At dancing drag queens in TV ads, males boldly modeling female bathing suits, “tuck-friendly”...

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Hiding the Truth

Arizona Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton of Tucson told the full House Wednesday that she holds Scripture very dear to her heart, “It is what guides me. It is what shapes and informs the decisions I make.” It was quite a bold statement after being caught hiding...

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