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The week has been full of newsworthy stories that I wanted to share with you. Each day seems to bring a major development or important article pertaining to the issues of life, marriage & family, and religious freedom....

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Vote Yes on Prop 123

At Center for Arizona Policy, our longstanding policy has been to support parents in the educational decision they deem best for their children. We advocate for an Arizona where school choice options are robust, offering parents a wide variety of quality educational...

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Choosing Profits over Safety

Earlier this week, after 16 years holding to a strict post-marketing regimen for how medication abortions (the abortion pill, also called RU-486) should be administered, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it was disregarding those standards and...

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He is Risen!

May this Easter be a time of remembering and rejoicing for you and your family! During this season, I am rejoicing as my favorite Easter hymn proclaims that “Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Alleluia.” To me, that is Easter. That Jesus Christ died for us and rose again to...

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