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The Road Ahead

Last week a friend of mine asked me go with her to an open forum and movie screening put on by a Planned Parenthood student group at ASU called Vox. My friend is a member of Student’s For Life and had been asked to sit on a panel and serve as a pro-life voice in the...

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Del Tackett at Calvary Community Church

For those of you that have gone through The Truth Project, you'll know Del Tackett from the 13-part DVD series. He'll be coming to Phoenix this weekend and will be preaching at Calvary Community Church. Click here for details and be sure to check out what Del's been...

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The Plain Truth

It seems like almost everyday the nation’s largest abortion provider sends out an email begging people to contact their elected officials to support taxpayer-funded abortion. I’m continually amazed at their complete disregard for the truth, and their unfounded attacks...

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Limiting Religious Liberty

CAP-supported Senate Bill 1288, which says that professionals cannot lose their state-issued license or accreditation because of the free exercise of their religion, came under some fire during a floor session in the state House earlier last week. Opponents of the...

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Being Pro-Life on Campus

Standing for life at your college campus is not easy. But more students are coming together, and they're turning back the tide. Check out what Students for Life is doing: Via Speak Up University Blog

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Who’s in Charge?

This week, I had the opportunity to testify in support of a strike-everything amendment for SB 1169.* In effect, what this bill will do is clarify that the Board of Nursing, which was created by the state Legislature to provide rules and regulations for Arizona's...

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For the Record: CBS Missed the Point

Children do best with a mom and a dad. This is not news to most people, and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The social science data only confirms this, which is why CAP is supporting SB 1188. Apparently, accuracy on this issue isn’t enough for some...

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