The opposition is bombarding the White House and media outlets with a false narrative mischaracterizing a possible executive order from President Trump to protect religious freedom. A draft copy of the order was leaked to the opposition, giving them the benefit of getting out in front.

We have little time to counter the message and let the president know we are counting on him to make good on his promise to make religious freedom a “first priority.”

The leaked executive order would:

  • Secure one’s right to freely exercise one’s religion, not just “worship”
  • Include in the protections all organizations operated by religious principles, not just churches or charities
  • Effectively eliminate the abortion coverage mandate in Obamacare for faith-based organizations
  • Ensure the federal government does not discriminate against child welfare providers and adoption services based on their religious beliefs
  • Protect nonprofit organizations and federal government employees based on their religious beliefs or their stance on marriage

Read Ryan T. Anderson’s excellent analysis here.

This executive order is entirely within the President’s legal authority and is lawful. It is not the same as other over-reaching executive orders.

Please act TODAY! The opposition has already inundated the White House and media with their message. 

Action Needed:

  • Call the White House and ask the president to sign the religious freedom executive order:202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414
  • Or email President Trump hereSee a sample email below. 
  • Forward this email to a friend and invite them to also contact President Trump
  • Pray! Pray that President Trump will sign the executive order securing our religious freedoms

Thank you for taking action and praying today! You can be the difference by letting your voice be heard at the White House.

Sample email:

Dear President Trump,

Please sign the executive order securing religious freedom in America!

I appreciated your strong commitment to protect religious freedom as part of your plan to “Make America Great Again.” The proposed executive order is a great way to advance that commitment.

Religious freedom means more than just the freedom to worship in our churches. It means the freedom to freely exercise our beliefs, to live and work according to our beliefs in all places and at all times. 

Thank you in advance.


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