Common Sense Returned

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

More good news this week! Public schools don’t have to choose between protecting students and federal money thanks to a quick fix from the White House.

The Trump Administration’s move yesterday to rescind President Obama’s intrusion into student privacy is just common sense. No one should expect young girls to undress and be exposed to a member of the opposite sex in intimate settings like showers and locker rooms.

Forcing public schools to open all showers, locker rooms and restrooms to both sexes or risk losing federal money was a dangerous, agenda-driven overreach.

The Trump Administration’s move returns the authority to parents and schools where it belongs because every student should be protected and ensured a safe school setting – but that does not require forcing students to undress in front of the opposite sex.

Obama’s unlawful edict drew fire from many commonsense officials. We are grateful Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Superintendent of Public Education Diane Douglas joined other states in suing the federal government for the overreach. Thanks to those of you who signed the petition urging elected officials to stand up to Obama’s edict!

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