BREAKING NEWS: Stand with Barronelle!

Court ruling against religious freedom confirms need for executive action

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

When fashion designers, department stores, and singers can choose who not to serve based on political beliefs but grandmothers cannot choose to follow their religious beliefs at work – it is a grave injustice.

The Washington Supreme Court today ruled against 72 year-old Barronelle Stutzman, forcing her to participate in same-sex weddings or lose her livelihood as the owner of her flower business.

After the ruling, Barronelle said, “Rob Ingersoll and I have been friends since very nearly the first time he walked into my shop all those years ago. There was never an issue with his being gay, just as there hasn’t been with any of my other customers or employees. He just enjoyed my custom floral designs, and I loved creating them for him. But now the state is trying to use this case to force me to create artistic expression that violates my deepest beliefs and take away my life’s work and savings, which will also harm those I employ. I’m not asking for anything that our Constitution hasn’t promised me and every other American: the right to create freely, and to live out my faith without fear of government punishment or interference.”

Today’s ruling confirms the need for President Trump to sign the executive order protecting religious freedom. America was founded on the right to live and work according to our beliefs. We should all – not just fashion designers – have the right to dissent.

The reported executive order drafted for the president would solidify those rights and protect those with deeply held religious beliefs like Barronelle from government coercion and activist attempts to silence differing views.

Stand with Barronelle by urging president Trump to sign the religious freedom executive order here!

Barronelle plans to appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. More details about today’s ruling and Barronelle’s case are available here.

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