AZ Senate Passes Life Bills

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

The Arizona Senate affirmed the sanctity of life today with two critical votes.

Babies born alive during a failed abortion attempt may get a second chance at life thanks to the Arizona senators who voted today to pass SB 1367 onto the House.

Any baby born alive deserves every chance to live. Existing law requires doctors do everything they can to save the baby’s life. SB 1367 would equip them to do just that.

I agree with SB 1367’s sponsor, Senator Steve Smith, when he said on the floor today, ‘The baby is outside its mother now, it’s no longer an abortion.’

Senators also passed SB 1439 to protect health care providers whose deeply held beliefs prohibit them from treating patients in a way that could cause their deaths.

Doctors should never be forced to be involved in the death of a patient they took an oath to care for and treat.

I applaud the Arizona Senate and ask House members to follow with equally bold and compassionate actions.

See how senators voted here.

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