Executive Order Only First Step

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

This country was founded on the right to live and work according to one’s faith.

It shouldn’t take an executive order from the President or congressional action to ensure those rights. Unfortunately, recent violations and growing government coercion now make both necessary.

While we appreciate and applaud President Trump’s action and statements this morning in support of the First Amendment right to freely exercise our religious beliefs, the executive order signed today by the President is only the first step.

A key directive in the executive order requires the Attorney General to issue “guidance interpreting religious liberty protections in federal law” for all federal agencies.

We eagerly await the details of that guidance as necessary next steps.

Today, photographers, bakers, florists and others face losing their businesses if they do not adhere to governmental mandates even when those mandates violate their religious beliefs.

Today’s move by President Trump is merely a first step toward securing the foundational freedom for all to live and work according to one’s conscience. Far more needs to be done to ensure the constitutional right to live as one believes.

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