Your Legislators and Their Votes

2017 Family Issues Voting Records

You voted them into office. Now find out if your legislators are voting with you on key issues. Center for Arizona Policy’s 2017 Family Issues Voting Records provide a quick and easy look at the recently completed legislative session’s action that impacts life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

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Find out how your legislators voted on bills that:

  • Require hospitals and abortion clinics to provide medical treatment to babies that survive an abortion. (SB 1367; sponsor: Sen. Smith)
  • Protect the conscience rights of medical providers during end-of-life treatment. (SB 1439; sponsor: Sen. Barto)
  • Expand schooling options for more Arizona families. (SB 1431; sponsor: Sen. Lesko)
  • Redirect federal family planning funds away from abortion providers in Arizona. (SB 1527; sponsor: Sen. Yarbrough)
  • Require state entities to recognize homeschool diplomas and transcripts. (HB 2389; sponsor: Rep. Bowers)

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To find out who your legislators are, click here.

Give Thanks! Make Your Voice Heard!

Please take a minute to thank Governor Doug Ducey, Senate President Steve Yarbrough, and House Speaker J.D. Mesnard for their leadership that made the passage of CAP-supported bills possible. Click here to send them a message of appreciation.

Also, take time to let your state senator and two representatives know your thoughts about their voting records. If you agree with their votes, thank them. If you have concerns, share them. They need to hear from you!

Our CAP Team thanks you for standing with us! Your partnership with CAP makes our work possible.

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