Stepping Up to the Plate

Community … helping those in need especially during these hot summer months.

Sharing your blessings with others …

Living out the gospel …

Churches and individuals in Arizona now have an amazing opportunity to lead the way in meeting the critical needs of those in the community.

Governor Ducey and his Office of Youth, Faith, and Family, led by Debbie Moak, have launched Arizona’s participation in the Care Portal run by The Global Orphan Project.

Read on to hear the incredible life-affirming stories facilitated by churches engaging in the Care Portal.

Kayla needed a crib

Patrick and Jennifer Johnson signed up for the Care Portal via their church. A young single mother needed a crib and the Johnsons provided it.

Watch Kayla’s story here.

The Care Portal simply connects those in need with those who can provide. Child welfare workers put specific needs on the portal, registered churches notify registered participants, and one of them meets the need.

Beyond the physical need

The blessings stretch far beyond material possessions. Consider how participants help keep families safe and together, strengthen the family unit, and support foster and adoptive families – all by first meeting basic needs.

Tony is a foster parent of three kids, not an easy choice on one income. Care Portal participants pitched in to lighten his financial burden and ensure Tony can care for his children.

Watch Tony’s story here.

Measured success

Since Care Portal’s start in Arizona:

  • 1,534 children served
  • 588 families impacted
  • 61 churches actively involved

The Global Orphan Project’s Care Portal is one simple and effective way to satisfy at least two groups of people – the conservative and the Christian.

Fiscal conservatives argue for smaller government and self-responsibility. The Care Portal is one way to back up those beliefs by taking some of the welfare system out of the hands of government and caring for those in our communities ourselves.

Also, God has called the faithful to care for those less fortunate. The church is to engage the community and care for the poor.

Sign Up

Think of the possibilities with hundreds if not thousands of churches signed up.

Learn more about Arizona’s Care Portal here.

Encourage your church to sign up here.

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