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The Tenth Edition!

We’re celebrating the tenth edition of the Arizona Voter Guide! For ten election cycles, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) has compiled candidate information and provided voters with a user-friendly guide to informed voting. In the midst of celebrating, however, we feel...

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Inside Prop 205

The campaign to pass Prop 205 to legalize recreational marijuana is in full swing, twisting the facts, hiding the dirty details, and misleading Arizona voters. Over the next several weeks, I am going to lay out the specifics of Prop 205 and I suspect you will be...

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What’s Next

This week, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that Proposition 205 to legalize recreational marijuana will be on the November 8 Arizona ballot. That means that you and I will be deciding whether or not Arizona becomes the next Colorado and Washington. Just a few of the...

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Smoke and Minors

A measure heading to the Arizona ballot this fall, Proposition 205, would legalize marijuana use for adults – but what many don’t know is that it would also legalize marijuana-laced candy. Kids love candy. Half the marijuana sold in Colorado, where recreational pot...

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