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The Value of Every Life

The Mother's Health and Safety Act, HB 2838, was heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee last week. One of the most powerful moments came when Representative Justin Pierce shared the story of his brother's family, and how despite pressure from doctors,...

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ACTION ALERT: Stand for Life!

SUMMARY: CAP-supported pro-life legislation needs YOUR help this week! The Mothers' Health and Safety Act, HB 2838, sponsored by Representative Kimberly Yee will be heard in the House Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday. This bill: Prohibits abortion...

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Komen Foundation Waffling

The drama surrounding the Komen Foundation's announcement they would cut off funding to Planned Parenthood continues to develop, even as I write this. On Tuesday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which works to cure breast cancer, announced a change in their policies...

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Where the Critics Go Wrong on School Choice

Education is on everyone’s mind at the Legislature this session. Governor Brewer announced that improving education as a key part of her plans for 2012 when she said in her State of the State address that we will see “excellence and accountability in our education...

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Mandating Ideology

Jennifer Keeton is a graduate student at Augusta State University in Georgia who, like millions of Christians across the country, holds a biblical belief about homosexuality.  It’s because of this biblical worldview that Augusta State has offered Jennifer an...

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Gambling Expansion is Not the Answer

The growth of gambling in Arizona and across the country has had a desensitizing-effect on many people. Often all we see on TV are the big paydays and hear the talking points about how much revenue gambling can allegedly create for cash-strapped states. Arizona, like...

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