Radical Abortion Bill Stopped in its Tracks

Arizona lawmakers who thought it was a good idea to repeal lifesaving measure for babies who survive abortions, got a lesson today in Arizona values.

Over 600 Arizonans, not willing to follow New York’s lead in passing extreme abortion laws, packed house hearing rooms in protest of HB 2696. Protesters made it clear to lawmakers behind the ruthless bill that they stood alone if they repealed protections for babies born alive during an abortion.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted down HB 2696, with no one voting for it in the end.

I am proud to stand with passionate, fellow Arizonans who came to the Capitol today to stop this attempted overreach. And I am grateful for the legislators who boldly rejected this inhumane attempt to cater to abortion activists.

Sponsored by 17 house members, HB 2696 originally would have repealed a 44-year old law requiring abortion providers to use all available means and medical skill to save babies born alive during an abortion. Even the amended version would have left staff unequipped to carry out their duties.

A last minute attempt to halt discussion and hold the bill failed and witnesses were allowed to go ahead with their compelling testimony.

With no legislators voting for the bill in the end, it is apparent just how out of touch sponsors are with the values and priorities of the people they represent.

This is Arizona, not New York, not Virginia.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came out and sent lawmakers an important message. Your testimony and your presence make a decisive difference during critical hearings at the State House.

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