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Storm Ahead

Late last Friday afternoon, I was checking email and news like I usually do at the end of the day. All of a sudden up popped the news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away. My mind raced to a number of thoughts but the most prominent one was how man knows...

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In Colorado, nearly 70% of marijuana users admit driving stoned – many of them, daily. That’s a lot of high drivers on the road next to you. It’s no surprise the number of traffic deaths involving drivers with THC in their system in Colorado doubled after voters...

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Kids or Pot, Pick One

You can’t put our children’s future first and still support Prop 207. That’s because this particular ballot initiative goes far beyond decriminalizing marijuana. It creates a client base for years to come by pretending to protect kids, while marketing to kids. Prop...

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Voting in 2020

I am getting many questions about voting and the potential for election fraud. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I will attempt to respond to some of the concerns. Throughout the U.S., progressive groups opposed to our values are filing lawsuits in an...

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After the Vote

Primary Election Recap While we await the official, final vote tallies from this past Tuesday’s Primary Election, here’s what we know to date: More Arizonans turned out to vote in the primary than in any previous cycle. While the turnout partly results from population...

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It’s Hot

Not exactly breaking news. Arizona has been setting records for some of our hottest days ever. Maybe the monsoons finally will come this weekend to more parts of the state. Meantime, some Arizonans are growing bored being at home because of the COVID-19 related...

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Apathy Now, Regret Later

 Don’t let apathy silence your vote! Voting is already underway for Arizona’s August 4th primary election. This is when we pick the best candidates to be on the November ballot. Check out this quick video, then log onto  

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