Seriously Damaged

Those to first buy off on the tragic lie of “transitioning” children are now the first to raise a red flag. Acknowledging children have been seriously damaged, European countries continue their withdrawal from the futile and tragic effort to change the sex of children.

The number of referrals to gender clinics in the United Kingdom exploded from 250 to more than 5,000 in the ten years following the embrace of transgenderism. That unprecedented increase led to an independent study and now the halt of puberty blockers given to minors through England’s government program. It is the latest in a series of moves backing off from the robust transition movement in Europe. Recently, Finland, Sweden, France, Norway, and the UK have backed away from their initial embrace of so called “gender-affirming care” after alarming results surfaced. Recently, England took another step. The publicly funded National Health Services (NHS) will no longer offer puberty blocking drugs to children. The announcement came last week on Detransition Awareness Day and on the heels of growing alarm in some countries about the effects of ushering children into irreversible and experimental drugs and surgeries. Unfortunately, the United States has not followed suit.

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine, a male living as a woman, continued the mantra that “gender-affirming care is medically necessary, safe, and effective.” All of which is complete nonsense, including the name given to the body-altering interventions. Preventing a child’s natural puberty process with untested drugs is anything but “gender-affirming.”

Activists in the U.S. are not only stubbornly holding onto damaging ideas, but they are also stepping up efforts to ensnare children and troubled teens. New York Magazine tries selling the idea of child transitions with a provocative cover claiming “Freedom of Sex: The moral case for letting trans kids change their bodies.” In response, The Federalist points out the author of the NY article, who is a “self-identified lesbian trans woman” who transitioned after becoming addicted to a particular type of pornography, is making a case for usurping parents in order to reach children.

Back in the UK, the trend away from transitioning kids makes slow but notable inroads. Tavistock, the first and largest pediatric gender clinic known for pushing children to transition has been in the process of shutting down for a year now. The clinic’s former staff governor says he had discovered that children are too young to consent to such consequential decisions, and the clinic was inappropriately pushing children through to “transition” when they had complex issues that required treatment from a neutral perspective. Dr, David Bell said, “As a result, children have been very seriously damaged.” Listen to his candid interview here.

In related news, leaked files from the leading “gender transition” activist group posing as neutral health advisors, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) show clinicians improvise treatments, acknowledge children cannot consent, and use shoddy research to back their claims, a report reveals. The files indicate WPATH members knew of the “debilitating and potentially fatal side effects” of these treatments but lacked regard for long-term outcomes of patients.

Meantime, a new poll (of self-reporting participants) indicates a growing number of the younger generation says they are LGBT+ (the plus can mean anything but heterosexual). The largest percentage of Gen Z and Millennials who claim an LGBT+ identity by far say they are bisexual.

The poll would have us believe that while just over 2% of Baby Boomers are LGBT+, more than 22% of Gen Z just happen to be LGBT+. Such disparity raises serious questions about the pro-LGBT environment in which our children are growing up. Even liberal Bill Maher doubted such polls two years ago, pointing out the unrealistic findings and the impressionability children. Here is the link for reference, but I don’t recommend watching or reading it in full as Maher’s humor is often inappropriate.

Clearly, the more our society pushes the LGBT agenda, the more people buy off on it and the more people, including children, take draconian measures to “transition.” Now we are seeing what follows: a growing number of detransitioners struggling with deep regret, permanently altered bodies, and many physical and emotional health issues.

That is what inspired Arizona Senator Janae Shamp to sponsor CAP – supported bill SB 1511, which requires doctors and insurance companies who take part in gender-altering drugs and surgeries, to also provide care and coverage for those who then want to detransition.

The bill passed the House Health and Human Services committee last week along party lines and will head to the full House for a final vote. Although the bill does nothing to affect those identifying as LGBT, activists still strongly oppose it, regardless of the fact that their former transitioners are now left abandoned. Representative Sarah Liguori explained her “no” vote by citing regulations that were not even part of the legislation, “I am alarmed by the government overreach into citizens’ privacy by the creation of a registry of transgender people.” SB 1511 includes no such registry or anything that could be mistaken for a registry. It doesn’t require anything from those who identify as transgender. It simply requires equity of care and coverage for those who transition and want to detransition.

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