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After the Vote

Primary Election Recap While we await the official, final vote tallies from this past Tuesday’s Primary Election, here’s what we know to date: More Arizonans turned out to vote in the primary than in any previous cycle. While the turnout partly results from population...

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Celebrating Freedom

Independence Day 2020 couldn’t come soon enough. Amidst the chaos and unrest ripping Americans apart, it is good to pause and remember what binds us together - and where we all started. This is a weekend to celebrate freedom itself, and to honor all those who made it...

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Don’t be Fooled

We find out next week which initiatives will likely be on the November ballot. The requisite signatures are due Thursday, July 2.. The latest count indicates the “Smart and Safe Act” has far exceeded the 237,645 needed signatures to qualify. If those signatures prove...

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This is Going to Hurt

“The position that the court now adopts will threaten freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and personal privacy and safety. No one should think that the Court’s decision represents an unalloyed victory for individual liberty.” – Justice Samuel Alito  Religious...

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It Just Makes Sense

I argued throughout this year’s legislative session that girls deserve a fair playing field, that allowing biological males to compete with girls robbed these girls of opportunity and scholarships, and it violated federal law (Title IX). Girls and women testified in...

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