Abortion Activists Halt Protections Against Discriminatory Procedure, Fail Elsewhere

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod, Esq.

A predictable attack on a new pro-life law by abortion activists and the Arizona Medical Association has put one provision of the lifesaving law on hold while it is dragged through the courts. Meantime, preborn babies with genetic conditions like Down syndrome will lack the protection needed against discriminatory abortions.

Today, U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Rayes issued a mixed ruling in response to the abortion activists’ challenge to Arizona’s new law prohibiting abortions that discriminate against a preborn child diagnosed with genetic conditions like Down syndrome.

While the ruling puts that portion on hold, the judge did allow the other challenged provision to stand. Beginning tomorrow, all Arizona laws will be interpreted to value all human life, at any stage of life.

In addition, the law’s other provisions that were not challenged will also take effect. This means the abortion industry will not be allowed to circumvent safety precautions by sending the abortion pill through the mail; the remains of aborted babies will be dignified by either being buried or cremated, and public universities will be prohibited from providing or referring abortions, sparing taxpayers the burden of funding abortions.

Today’s ruling is only the first review by the federal courts. We remain confident the law will be upheld and ruled enforceable in its entirety. It’s a shame the abortion industry is standing in the way of protecting the most vulnerable from discrimination, and life itself.

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