445 Days

Like it or not, we are a little over a year from another election. November 8, 2022 is just 445 days away.

In an effort to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in Arizona elections, Arizonans for Voter ID sponsored by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, filed a ballot initiative this week titled, Arizonans for Voter ID Act to bring integrity and security to the election process by requiring valid ID – no matter how one votes.

Currently, Arizona requires valid ID to register to vote, to vote at polls, to vote in person at early voting centers and emergency voting, but not for voting by mail – which is the method of choice by 75% of Arizona voters.

The Arizonans for Voter ID Act would:

  • Require those who mail-in their early ballots to provide their date of birth and either the last four digits of their Social Security number or their driver’s license number. There would still be leeway for those who didn’t include the ID to subsequently provide it in time to have their vote count. The measure would also ensure those who need it could obtain a free ID for voting purposes.
  • Improve voter ID requirements for in-person voting
  • Increase voter ID requirements for those who drop off their ballots to prevent ballot harvesting
  • Ensure current voter ID laws for early voting sites are protected under the Voter Protection Act

Proponents will have to collect more than 237,000 valid signatures to ensure the initiative gets on the 2022 ballot. Visit the AZ Voter ID website here to assist with signature collection.

The Arizonans for Voter ID Act has the backing of Heritage Action, Honest Elections Project Action, Foundation for Government Accountability, Goldwater Institute, Arizona Women of Action, AMAC Action, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona, and EZAZ.org.

Arizona lawmakers who came out in support so far include: Senate President Karen Fann, Senator J.D. Mesnard, Senator Nancy Barto, Senator Warren Petersen, House Majority Leader Ben Toma, Representative Jake Hoffman, Representative John Kavanagh, and Representative Joseph Chaplik.

Educational Freedom Opportunity

Some Arizona parents have more options when it comes to educating their children during these uncertain times, thanks to a recent announcement from Governor Ducey. He is investing an initial $10 million for immediate relief for K-12 students and families facing barriers due to school closures and mandates.

Applications for The COVID-19 Educational Recovery Benefit program can be submitted starting today! The program will fund up to $7,000 per student for childcare, transportation, online tutoring, and tuition.

Low-income families whose current school is “isolating, quarantining, or subjecting children to physical COVID-19 constraints in schools, such as requiring the use of masks or providing preferential treatment to vaccinated students,” will be eligible.

The opportunity comes in response to several school districts refusing to comply with a new law Governor Ducey signed banning such mandates.


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