Abortion Lobby Files Lawsuit in a Desperate Attempt to Stop Pro-Life Law
The abortion industry filed a lawsuit today in a desperate attempt to stand in the way of Arizona law protecting the preborn from discrimination. We do not discriminate against people with disabilities, nor should we discriminate against them in the womb.

The recently passed and signed bill, SB 1457 banning abortions based on genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome, is an extension of existing law that bans abortions based on sex and gender. A federal appeals court in Ohio upheld a similar ban just this past April. But that didn’t stop pro-abortion activists from filing a suit in an effort to stop the law or at least tie it up in court.

In addition, the new law’s proclamation that the preborn have the rights and privileges of other persons is taken from a Missouri preamble that has been in effect since 1989. It does not confer personhood, it states that it’s the policy of Arizona to protect preborn children to the greatest extent possible, given Supreme Court precedents.

I fully anticipate Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich will vigorously defend this commonsense law, and I am confident it will be upheld in court. I will keep you up to date.

Thank you for standing with us in this fight to protect the most vulnerable.

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