Every Step a Worthy Battle

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Pro-life advocates hold back emboldened attacks on life, while fighting for every victory along the way. We see it at the State Legislature, in Congress, from the White House, and in the courts.

We celebrate and protect the victories, never losing hope amid temporary defeat.

Some of the most vulnerable preborn babies remain at risk today because of a lawsuit filed by abortion activists and the Arizona Medical Association. Preborn babies with Down syndrome and other genetic conditions were to be protected from discriminatory abortions starting this week. Unfortunately, a federal judge issued an injunction, holding the provision until the case makes its way through the courts.

The other challenged provision was allowed to take effect, which ensures all Arizona laws will be interpreted to value human life at every stage of development. The many other provisions of the pro-life law also went into effect. Read more here.

Attorney General, Mark Brnovich announced he will file an appeal of Judge Rayes’ ruling. We will keep you posted on what happens next.

 An infamous vote, a political move

The U.S. House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act last week on a near partly line vote. All but one Democrat voted for it, and zero Republicans voted in favor. But it has almost no chance of passing the Senate, thanks, in part, to the filibuster rule that requires a 60-vote majority.

The euphemistic Women’s Health Protection Act would go beyond codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law by legalizing abortion in all 50 states up to the point of birth. It would also ban all commonsense regulations on abortions passed by states. Thankfully, lawmakers still do not have the votes to do what the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) stepped in and did for them almost 50-years ago. That is telling.

If SCOTUS would have allowed lawmakers to make laws, abortion on demand would likely not be the law of the land.

Senate leadership has said it will take up the Women’s Health Protection Act very soon, ignoring the fact that the abortion legislation would likely fail there.

The symbolic vote is more about politics than policy, as the parties position themselves for the 2022 election.

 Truth helps, doesn’t harm

We shared key information with you when our partners at Family Policy Alliance (FPA) launched a new campaign designed to inform parents of, and protect children from, the harms of the transgender movement. There’s more.

FPA recently interviewed Dr. Andre Van Mol, an expert on adolescent sexuality and bioethics.

The interview was eye opening and very informative. Doctor Van Mol speaks definitively and authoritatively on the shortsighted and ill-advised treatments being prescribed for children and teens struggling with their identity.

Dr. Van Mol says the transgender ideology is self-declared and is spread through a social and peer contagion by influencers who sell it as the answer to any condition with which a child struggles with. This, he says, leads to a false diagnosis, “You can’t be born in the wrong body, impossible. Three-year-olds can only be coached to come to that conclusion.”

In the interview, Dr. Van Mol discusses the extreme steps professionals and other adults are taking to affirm what he calls a child’s delusion, and the irreversible harms that result.

  • Social transition – Children are encouraged to change the way they dress, presenting themselves as the opposite sex. Adults encourage persistence toward the opposite sex, instead of natural desistence.
  • Puberty blockers – Children are given drugs to block natural hormones. This has long term consequences, because they are given at a time of great natural transition, including brain development, and it can affect fertility. It is not a pause button, as proponents claim. Such interference with natural puberty will almost assure the child will continue down the road of transition.
  • Cross sex hormones – Patients are given high doses of the opposite sex hormones. Females are given 20-50 times the testosterone she normally has. This carries serious physical health risks.
  • Sex reassignment or “gender affirmation” surgeries – The final step is cosmetic and reproductive organ surgeries. This cannot be sufficiently reversed, and usually ensures the person cannot have kids if they change their minds.

These “treatments,” Dr. Van Mol says, do nothing to address the underlying problems, whether psychological or developmental problems. The regret comes later when they’ve gone to these extreme measures and find their problems remain.


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