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Major Pro-Life Bill Passes Senate!

 Arizona senators sent a clear message today with their passage of SB 1457 – Life is an Arizona value worthy of protection. They told women their safety is more important than the abortion industry’s bottom line, and they told taxpayers their money won’t fund...

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Erasing the Sexes

We’ve been talking about it for a while now, warning of the vast ramifications of passing the Equality Act. Yesterday, the U.S. House passed the radical legislation mostly along party lines with a vote of 224-206. If passed by the Senate, President Biden has vowed to...

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Parents Decide

One of CAP’s pillars of commitment is to the family. God granted the fundamental right and responsibility to parents to guide the wellbeing of their children. Arizona has done well to protect those rights over the years. But, the opposition is growing stronger,...

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Religion is Essential

When states began limited reopening of businesses after the initial COVID-19 shutdown last year, some refused to include churches and other houses of worship. Perhaps the worst offense occurred in Las Vegas, where bowling alleys, retail shops, and even casinos were...

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Big First Step Victories

What a week. Arizona lawmakers on various House and Senate committees heard several CAP-supported bills, passing all of them out of their respective committees and sending them onto the next step in the legislative process. Each one was a battle, as we faced...

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Back to School Choice

The extended public school closures during the COVID-19 outbreak should be more than enough to convince skeptics of the value of educational freedom in Arizona. While public schools have shut down in-person learning, many students in private schools, home schools, and...

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48 or Whatever it Takes

For 48 years, Americans have been legally aborting their babies under the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. Forty-eight years of life lost. Forty-eight years of grief and regret. CAP recently spoke with an Arizona mother of two haunted for 12 years with the...

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CAP’s New Policy VP

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) welcomes Leisa Brug to the effort of preserving life, family, and religious freedom in Arizona. Brug fills the key role of Vice President of Policy at CAP, working with legislators and allies on commonsense policies that serve Arizona...

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Voices of Reason

Like many of you, I was deeply grieved, horrified, and even angered by the violence and protests in our nation’s capital this week. It’s not the American way. It’s beyond wrong. It’s tragic and evil. Violence and radical protests are not the answers to what troubles...

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