Goodbye June

We have spent the past so-called “pride month” bringing to light the depths of a movement laser focused on forcing a new morality on Americans. Those behind the LGBT movement left a desire for tolerance far behind and now demand capitulation, or better yet, affirmation.

Within a month’s time, we have seen the White House pride party host a topless transgender in the midst of children, scores of companies embrace every imaginable gender and tell us we should too, drag queens sexualize children under the protected status of LGBT, and now we see pride parades featuring nude men and women boldly exposing themselves to children of all ages.

From the people’s house to the Lord’s house: See here a self-described clergy lead her congregation in a pledge to the “sparkle creed.” The creed calls God non-binary with plural pronouns.

There is no shame, no fear, no respect, and now, no doubt the movement’s targets are far too young to understand. At New York’s pride parade, activists didn’t hide their agenda as they chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

Just days later, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs signed two executive orders, one to ensure state health insurance plans for state employees don’t cover counseling for employees’ children struggling with their gender or unwanted same-sex attraction. The other mandates taxpayers pay for sex-change surgeries and hormone drugs for other Arizonans on the state’s health insurance plan.

It’s as if Governor Hobbs is unaware of the growing list of European countries backing off of all gender-related drugs and surgeries for children because of the harms done and the lack of evidence that it helps in any way.

An interview with a major children’s hospital physician reveals the flimsy premise behind transitioning children and the dangerous ideology that has corrupted much of the medical community. He says it doesn’t just destroy the child’s reproductive organs, the puberty blocker shuts down “the divine spark in each individual,” the activity of the hypothalamus.

“The hypothalamus is this almond-sized structure in your brain, it’s one of the most primal structures we have, and it controls all the other hormonal structures in your body – your sexual development, your emotions, your fight-or-flight response, everything. But it shouldn’t be described in such cold physiological terms because your hypothalamus is not just a hormone factory. It’s this system that allows you to stand in awe of the beauty of a sunset, or to hear the sounds of orchestral music and to stop whatever you’re doing and want to listen…To shut down that system is to shut down what makes us human.”

This is nothing to be proud of, nor to celebrate.

Although the month designated to glorify a sexualized movement ends today, I am under no illusions this is the last we will talk about it until next June. The transgender Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) has already given the warning with his quip that we are in asummer of pride. And HHS head Xavier Becerra promised his department would be doing more to push the LGBT agenda, claiming the pressure needed “to move faster.”

How are we to respond? First, through prayer and with compassion for those ensnared in a radical sexual ideology. Restored Hope Network, Love & Truth Network, and Joe Dallas all provide care and counseling for those struggling with their sexuality.  Next, be ready to engage and support those lawmakers standing for truth and sound public policy.

Please Note: Center for Arizona Policy will be taking a brief hiatus from Five Minutes for Families through the month of July. We will be back August seventh.


  • Watch here the Maricopa County Attorney call out Governor Hobbs for overreaching in an executive order stripping all 15 county attorneys of their authority to prosecute abortion crimes.
  • And read here how AZ lawmakers are challenging Governor Hobbs to address that same power grab.
  • Read here about a religious freedom victory at the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday.

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