Unstable House of Cards

If the transgender house of cards is falling, it is in the midst of a frantic game of pick-up. Emily Kao is senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and an expert on the transgender movement. She sees the cards falling in the recent hesitation within the American medical community when it comes to “treatments” for children with gender dysphoria; a hesitation, not an about-face.

With growing skepticism about affirming a child’s dysphoria, many walk a fine line between appeasing the powerful LGBT lobby and the increasing pushback and lawsuits against doctors, hospitals, and clinics that fast-track sex change drugs and surgeries for minors.

Kao cites the growing number of doctors, patients, and whistleblowers questioning the medical community’s profitable embrace of affirmation over the traditional “wait and see” approach and sees the beginning of the end.

Is it a matter of time before the flow of detransitioners telling their harrowing stories brings down the facade? Perhaps that, and the costly lawsuits filed by patients who were not old enough to smoke but were cleared by doctors to receive irreversible drugs and surgeries that left them physically and emotionally scarred for life, infertile, sterile, bald, unable to breastfeed, unable to father children, depressed, even suicidal.

Chloe Cole was the first to file a lawsuit against those who marred her young body and emotionally and physically damaged her before her 16th birthday. Many detransitioners have followed in sounding the alarm.

Listen here to Katie’s story on the latest episode of Engage Arizona.

More states are fighting back with legal prohibitions on sex change drugs and surgeries. Just this week, a federal appeals court allowed an Alabama law to take effect that prohibits puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children. About 17 states, including Arizona prohibit at least some sex-change “treatments” for children. At least another ten are considering such laws.

Also, last month, 21 doctors from several countries wrote a letter stating so-called “gender-affirming” surgeries on children are not supported by evidence and shouldn’t be used by the medical community.

Lest we develop a false hope that the end of the trans movement is imminent, we must consider how the battle still rages and how close it comes to home.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital boldly and proudly offers what activists like to call “gender affirming care.” Not affirming in the scientific or biological sense as one would expect from a hospital, but in a “commitment” to feeding into a child’s dysphoria. The hospital even provides links to pro-transgender activist organizations. The website touts its “comprehensive gender support,” consulting on “medications to suppress puberty” and “masculinizing and feminizing hormonal therapy.”

The news media call it “best practices” and scold those states that “ban gender-affirming youth care,” and applaud states that they say have “protections for trans patients.”

And, although Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, in response to outrage, issued notice to public schools warning against engaging in the trans agenda, including allowing boys to share locker rooms and restrooms with girls, some schools couldn’t help it.

A teacher in the Catalina Foothills school district recently handed out a survey to students asking them what pronouns they use, if she can use those pronouns in front of the students’ parents, and if they wanted to meet privately to talk about it.

This is in direct violation to two state laws:

  • ARS 1-602(D) prohibits schools from “attempt[ing] to encourage … a minor child to withhold information from the child’s parents.”
  • ARS 1-602(A)(3), -(A)(4), -(D). The school is “interfere[ing] with or usurp[ing] the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children” by attempting to form a private relationship with the child in order to counsel and direct the child’s mental health and religious/moral education.

The battle for children and truth seems to be turning, but it’s far too early to claim victory. We cannot let up. We cannot stop praying. The future of so many lives are at stake.

Life Update!

Arizona’s pre-Roe law limiting abortion to cases when the woman’s life is at risk has one more chance at, again, becoming state law. The Arizona Supreme Court decided this week that it will review a lower court decision effectively nullifying the pro-life law. If the state Supreme Court reverses the lower court’s decision, abortion in Arizona will protect all unborn life except to save the life of the mother.

The court could hear oral arguments within the next few months. CAP has always contended the pre-Roe law should go back into effect after the fall of Roe because it was in effect in 1973 when Roe was wrongly decided, and Roe was the only thing keeping Arizona from enforcing the law over the past 50-years.

In addition, lawmakers had several opportunities during that time to repeal the law but never did. In fact, they reaffirmed their commitment to life when writing the latest 15-week law, stating it does NOT repeal the pre-Roe law.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) have the case. Read their statement here.


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