Governor Hobbs Okays Sexually Explicit Drag Shows for Children

Again, Governor Hobbs passed up a chance to protect children, instead leaving them vulnerable to adult content that robs their innocence. Governor Hobbs vetoed three bills today that would have limited drag shows to adults, and protected taxpayers from funding drag shows for children.

We are not talking about reading to children; this isn’t story hour; these bills would have protected children from being exposed to sexually explicit dancing by men dressed in provocative female costumes. Arizona law protects children from traditional adult sex shows; sexually suggestive dancing in drag should be no different.

Pretending the bills restricted simple dress-up ignores the many examples of raunchy drag shows where men spread their legs  (1:51) in front of children, teach young children to twerk, and dance half naked for a crowd. These are the sex shows Governor Hobbs effectively approved by vetoing SB 1026, SB 1028, and SB 1030.

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