March Toward Madness

The country has certainly awakened to the powerful and deliberate attempts to usurp parental rights, something parents throughout the political spectrum reject. However, the effort to sexualize children, secretly “transition” them at school, and even normalize pedophilia hasn’t stalled, but is racing toward madness.

Legislation, court rulings, and other efforts targeting children and the unborn will turn your stomach and open your eyes.

In California, lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill threatening parents with loss of custody if they do not submit to their child’s transition. Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the bill into law, which some fear could lead to parents being charged with child abuse or neglect if they do not allow their child to take life-altering hormones, receive irreversible sex-related surgeries, or any other “transition” treatment. The bill requires judges to take such actions into consideration in child custody battles.

California law already allows the state to take temporary custody of children from out-of-state so they can “transition” without their parents’ consent.

Trans activists and their allies in authority march toward madness even as several European countries have backed off transgender hormones and surgeries for minors based on the lack of evidence that it does any good and the growing evidence that it is destructive.

The state is rethinking its travel ban policy that prohibits California funded trips to states that protect children from harmful, irreversible gender drugs and surgeries. State authorities haven’t had a change of heart, they realize the ban isn’t advancing their goals; now they want to lift the ban so they can spread their LGBT agenda to other states. The bill sponsor would replace the ban with “an outreach campaign that would bring pro-LGBT messages to television screens and highway billboards in red states.”

In Minnesota, a male lawmaker who lives as a woman introduced legislation that would protect pedophiles by removing language in current law that specifically excludes pedophilia from the state’s definition of “sexual orientation.” If passed into law, pedophiles would quickly become a protected class in Minnesota. This isn’t an unintended consequence found in an unrelated bill, this is a direct effort to remove language that protects children from pedophiles.

In Maryland, a judge upheld a law mandating pro-LGBT curriculum in public schools. Parents are hoping an appeals court will reverse the order. The district judge struck down a parent’s right to opt-out his or her children from the agenda driven teaching, claiming parents do not have that fundamental right.

The school district then charged the parental rights group more than $18,000 to obtain public records relating to the opt-out policy.

The latest effort on the federal level has the Department of Homeland Security awarding a half million dollar anti-terrorism grant to a pro-LGBT group that promotes sex-related paraphernalia and other material to children as young as six.

In Colorado, the radical legislation targets the unborn and their mothers who change their minds about abortion. Colorado’s governor signed into law a ban on the abortion pill rescue, which is credited for saving more than 4,500 lives as well as the emotional well-being of women. The abortion pill rescue is given to women who have taken the first of two abortion pills but change their minds and want to save their babies. Colorado now forces those women to go through with the chemical abortion, leaving them to suffer the emotional and physical trauma of a do-it-yourself abortion against their will.

Pushing Back

One California school district is taking radical state authorities head-on. Chino Valley Unified School District requires school staff to notify parents if their child shows signs of gender dysphoria. California’s Attorney General sued the district in an effort to reverse the policy and hide “transitioning” of students from their parents.  The CVUSD is fighting the attack in court, inspiring more school districts there to stand up to the radical gender ideology.

In Florida, Miami-Dade County School Board voted down a proposal to name October LGBTQ History Month, forcing students to celebrate activists’ agenda. Parents, grandparents, and others gathered both inside and outside the contentious, hours-long meeting.

Indiana State Medical Association recently became the first mainstream state medical association to resist radical transgender ideology. ISMA passed a resolution opposing medical and surgical gender “transition” treatments for minors. This is a big step because it puts ISMA in opposition to national medical associations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) that have embraced the experimental and destructive practice.

These are just a sampling of the many extreme bills, laws, and court rulings shaping our culture today. If there was a doubt about where we are in the fight for children, families, and the unborn, let these examples serve as a wakeup call and inspire us all to engage in the battles before us.

The same activists in California have their eyes set on Arizona. That’s yet another reason why engaging in the 2024 elections on behalf of your values matters more than ever.


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