Gov. Hobbs Fails to Protect Children

Governor Hobbs had a perfect opportunity to do what she had promised: to protect children from harm. But the Governor vetoed a bill today that would have protected girls’ privacy and safety on school campus while also accommodating students struggling with their gender.

Hobbs’ veto of SB 1040 means girls can be forced to share private spaces like locker rooms and showers with boys. The bill was a win-win for every student because it called for schools to separate restrooms, locker rooms, and showers by sex, while also providing accommodations, like single-stall restrooms, for students who are not comfortable using facilities consistent with their sex.

How many examples of girls being sexually assaulted by boys exploiting the rule to access their victims before Governor Hobbs is willing to protect all Arizona students?

I thank Senator John Kavanagh for sponsoring such an important bill, and every member who voted in favor of protecting all Arizona students.

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