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This is Going to Hurt

“The position that the court now adopts will threaten freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and personal privacy and safety. No one should think that the Court’s decision represents an unalloyed victory for individual liberty.” – Justice Samuel Alito  Religious...

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It Just Makes Sense

I argued throughout this year’s legislative session that girls deserve a fair playing field, that allowing biological males to compete with girls robbed these girls of opportunity and scholarships, and it violated federal law (Title IX). Girls and women testified in...

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Honor Them, Vote

Little can be done to sufficiently honor those who have given their lives to secure our freedoms. We pause each Memorial Day with gratitude to pray for their families, and publicly recognize their sacrifice. We can do more. We can renew our commitment to further...

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A Place to Call Home

Amirah waited 842 days for her forever home. The emotional highs and lows leading to foster care would take their toll on any seven-year-old, but she was resilient. After only a couple of years with her foster family, they offered her a proposal, “Would you like us to...

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Fear Melts Into Peace

Fear Melts Into Peace This Easter weekend, many are fearful, uncertain about the health of loved ones, unable to share Easter with family. The coronavirus has left many unable to celebrate births, weddings, and the lives of those who have passed. In the midst of this...

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