Nothing to See Here

They are growing bolder and reaching further. Abortion activists believe this is their year. They want abortion on demand with no limits, no regulations, no accountability, and as accessible as Tylenol.

The abortion industry and their cohorts in state and federal government seek to leave no room for life and no regard for the health and safety of women. And they wrap it all in deceptive language designed to prey on the fears of women and the lack of awareness of voters.

Let’s start with a set of bills put forth by Arizona Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton and Governor Katie Hobbs that they claim protect women.

Under the “nothing to see here” category is HB 2678, which they sell as a right to contraception, when in reality, access to contraception for those who want it is not at risk and it is already protected under Arizona law. What they don’t want you to know is that the bill includes emergency contraception – the morning after pill – which can be an abortifacient. The bill also requires all healthcare professionals to provide contraception. Without necessary exemptions, this is a direct violation of religious freedom.

Under the “pay no attention to what’s behind the curtain” category is HB 2676, which repeals reporting requirements on abortions in Arizona. This means the state will no longer have information on the number of abortions, the gestational age of unborn babies being aborted, where the abortions are performed, or by whom.

Currently, there are no names attached to this data. It is strictly used for informational purposes to determine how to best care for girls and women seeking abortions. Repealing reporting requirements allows the abortion industry to function in the dark. Rep. Stahl Hamilton and Governor Hobbs are trying to shut the door on transparency in an effort to expand abortion.

The final bill in the series, HB 2677, repeals Arizona’s pre- Roe law limiting abortions to cases where the woman’s life is at risk. That law is currently in the hands of the Arizona Supreme Court, which is deciding whether it or the current 15-week limitation should be in effect.

Rabid national pro-abortion efforts

Pro-abortion activists throughout the country show no sense of compassion or reasonableness in their intense quest for unregulated, unlimited abortion on demand. They have abandoned all pretense and demand “abortion without barriers.” They have taken autonomy beyond its limit and redefined freedom in an effort to keep voters in a state of fear, using rare exceptions to justify widespread abortion. They prey on the painful experience of women who have had miscarriages to instill alarm and hope apprehensive voters backed into a corner will buy off on the lie that they have no choice.

The truth doesn’t seem to matter. Arizona law ensures women will get emergency care, including miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy care. And every other state has similar protections. But abortion activists flat out claim the opposite, the media repeat it, and scared women who don’t necessarily support abortion vote for it anyway.

President Joe Biden, using the 51st anniversary of Roe v Wade earlier this week, campaigned on the promise to sign a federal law legalizing late term abortion in every state. Ironically, he called it “cruel” not to. He is attempting to use federal law to demand “emergency medical treatment,” forcing emergency room doctors to do abortions and turning emergency rooms into abortion clinics.

President Biden told Americans that pro-life laws force women to get “sicker and sicker” before they can get care. Again, the truth doesn’t matter when it comes to pushing a pro-abortion agenda. He launched a deceptive TV ad painting himself as the hero of women for supporting abortion.

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling the country with the same twisted message. Clearly, they are counting on abortion for a win in November.

Look for more of the same going forward: a claim to care for women, while ignoring the great harm of abortion to women; touting the “rights” and “freedoms” of women, while ignoring the unborn baby outright; highlighting the rare cases of heartbreak, while ignoring the 98% of healthy babies, with healthy mothers, who are aborted.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-life America countered the false claims of the abortion industry and the politicians who repeat them. Briefly, they correct the record, showing:

Every state with strong pro-life laws allows emergency care, including for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies

Federal law requires doctors to perform abortions in emergencies

Seven in ten Americans support limits on abortion

The abortion pill’s accessibility without a doctor visit is potentially deadly

Passing federal law legalizing late term abortion in every state is not “keeping government out” of the abortion issue as they claim should be done

In addition, SBA’s research arm, the Charlotte Lozier Institute recently found the abortion pill reversal (APR) process apparently saved 29 of 36 babies after their mothers took the first of two abortion pills and changed their minds. The study showed the effectiveness of the process. APR is credited overall with saving more than 4,500 babies over the years. Read here how APR can give women a last chance to choose life.

These thousands of examples show how women regret abortion, and how abortion not only ends a life, but hurts women both emotionally and physically.

We must not lose sight of the truth and never give up fighting for the unborn babies and their mothers. The facts are on our side. It’s up to all of us to hold them up against the onslaught of deception.


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