It’s Not About Equality

A grim warning to parents and grandparents before June comes to an end: We know about the sexually explicit books in schools and libraries, drag queen “story hours,” and the not-so-subtle innuendo in children’s shows and movies. And perhaps some of us are desensitized by now. But a rare glimpse behind the LGBT movement will not let that happen.

We must distinguish between the LGBT movement and those who get swept up into it. Chad Felix Greene got swept up when he was 14 years old. In a long X (formerly Twitter) thread, some of which I will not detail, he pulls back the curtain on the movement itself, revealing a dark culture that seduces at risk children and teens into a life of pedophilia and prostitution. Greene now writes broadly on the subject for The Federalist. He also wrote about it on Public Discourse several years ago and in a book titled, “Surviving Gender: My Journey Through Gender Dysphoria.”

Greene says the transgender and male same-sex cultures have set up a system mimicking the family unit, complete with houses, but minus women and fueled by drugs and prostitution.

He says the movement’s exploitation of children is shielded under a banner of LGBT equality and freedom of expression. He points out shows like “Queer as Folk” or “Pose” that normalize and romanticize teens as sex objects. And books like “Gender Queer” and “This Book is Gay” are defended by woke culture and LGBT activists, even though they are overtly sexual. Greene writes, “The entire [LGBT] culture views children as tiny adults” and sees nothing wrong with what amounts to pedophilia. Greene says that is what is behind the argument for “queer sex education” in public schools. He writes, “This all matters because LGBTQ activists are fighting legal wars to keep parents as far away as possible from queer education, social groups and teenage autonomy.”

Greene uses his first-hand experiences to sound the alarm on a reality that most would rather not see, and activists hide. He warns parents and the culture at large about buying off on the widely held consensus that children struggling with gender dysphoria should be physically and chemically altered to ease their dysphoria, regardless of the fact that most grow out of it by the end of puberty.

Greene writes, “My gender dysphoria was a symptom of a larger issue. Today, many want to turn psychological symptoms into an identity. In truth, what I needed was help understanding and overcoming my social anxiety. I needed tools to build healthy, lasting friendships. I needed exposure to masculine environments and strong male leaders. I needed to understand my own masculinity rather than fantasize about a feminine ideal.”

For this reason, I am, again, including some resources for those struggling with or ministering to those caught up in the LGBT movement.

If Greene’s experience as laid out in prominent publications reflects a broad reality, we cannot turn aside. The ugly truth needs our diligent attention and action as parents, churchgoers, and members of society. We cannot allow any movement to victimize and exploit children, while hiding behind the false narrative of equality or freedom of expression.


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