Glimmers of Hope

If you have seen enough rainbows, enough “family friendly” drag shows, and enough pride flags on public property, I have good news; you are not alone, and we may be seeing the beginning of the end of an overplayed hand.

Dr. Andrew T. Walker, Associate Dean in the School of Theology, and Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Public Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sees a shift in the culture’s response to an over-reaching LGBT movement. Andrew joined us earlier this week for a webinar on how to see the LGBT movement and its pride month through a biblical worldview.

He took us through the evolution of the culture’s response to a rapidly moving effort to completely transform human sexuality and America’s sexual ethic. We remember the plea in 2015 was “love wins,” and “same-sex marriage won’t affect you at all.” It quickly became a demand to not just accept, but embrace every aspect, including drag queens seducing children and pornography in elementary schools. The T in LGBT became a bridge too far, according to Andrew.

“We’ve seen enough pictures of gay men in hospital beds pretending to be moms with their newborns, that it has awakened the conscience of millions. Because we understand that you might have two gay men sitting in a hospital bed holding a newborn, but something, according to nature is missing, and that’s called a mother. And I think the normies are waking up and realizing that there cannot be total neutrality on these issues.”

Andrew points out the fact that the denial of biblical design makes the transgender aspect of pride month and the entire movement untenable for Christians. And the “list of absurdities that we are asked to affirm and agree with,” continues to grow.

“And I think that there is a lesson here that we are called to stay anchored in biblical truth, because that is, our fixed anchor culture is going to change. God’s word does not change, but God’s Word and the truth requires active assertion of the truth … To contend for the truth means to actually fight for it, and to be willing to risk reputation and name and fortune in defense of the truth.”

Although it is the T in LGBT that seems to be turning the tide, Andrew says Christians cannot condone the LG or B if they want to remain faithful to the Lord and His word. He argues that “homosexuality is an ideology. It’s not who you are.” Though, he acknowledges that the desires same-sex attracted people struggle with are real, but he rejects the claim that,

“these desires are therefore normative or praiseworthy; normative with regard to either being comprehensive and how one understands the world, or something that we just automatically act upon just because we have these things welling up inside of us … We cannot boast in homosexuality without nullifying the human species. Males and females may experience a pattern of the fall in sexual desires, but their bodies are not homosexual. Their bodies are still very much complementary. A homosexual identifying man and a homosexual identifying woman are not actually homosexuals.”

Andrew reminds us that Scripture tells us to defend Christ, because “bearing insult in Jesus’ name produces joy. It produces a more refined faith with truth that lets us cut through the noise and chatter of secularism or pride, or what other or what any other worldly ideology that would seek to rival the claims of Scripture.”

Let’s not overlook the need to love and pray for those operating from a different worldview. Consider these resources to dive deeper into how to minister to those involved in the LGBT movement.

Dr. Andrew Walker provided more insights during the webinar. Listen to the full podcast here.


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