Recent Events

Over the past few weeks and even months, the civil discourse in our nation has changed dramatically with individuals in public life from Hollywood to media outlets to Arizona Legislature to Congress being accused of sexual harassment or related activity leading to their resignations or terminations.

Most recently, Arizona Congressman Rep. Trent Franks abruptly resigned. Read his statement here. At this time, simply pray for all of those affected by the circumstances of his resignation, including the former staffers, Rep. Franks, his wife Josie, and his family.

My hope is these developments will lead to greater cultural reflection and introspection to “rethink sex,” as a recent Washington Post article posted. In “Let’s rethink sex,” Christine Emba wrote:

“…now could be the time to reintroduce virtues such as prudence, temperance, respect and even love. We might pursue the theory that sex possibly has a deeper significance than just recreation and that ‘consent’ – that thin and gamble boundary – might not be the only moral sensibility we need respect.”

Then Eric Metaxas on Breakpoint stated:

“…the consequences of the secular worldview on sexuality are now coming to light. As Christians, we can use this moment to encourage those in our spheres of influence to ‘rethink sex’ in terms of human flourishing –and to point them to the One who gave us this gift in the first place.”

Congressman Franks’ resignation may represent the first time you have considered surrogacy and its implications. My heart breaks for those who struggle with infertility and the loss of children. Yet surrogacy and so-called assisted reproductive technology raise significant ethical, moral, and even biblical concerns.

For your thoughtful reflection, I recommend this interview by Kathryn Lopez with Jennifer Lahl, Executive Director of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, and the Monday, December 11 Briefing with Dr. Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary.

What Happens Next

Once Rep. Franks submitted his resignation letter, he immediately was out of office. State law requires a special election be called when a sitting Congressman resigns within six months of the next election.

Here are the dates for the special election in CD8:

Special Election Primary:          Tuesday, February 27

Early Voting Begins:                 Wednesday, January 31

Special Election General:          Tuesday, April 24

Early Voting Begins                  Wednesday, March 28

Candidates for the special election must file their petitions by Wednesday, January 10. Residents of CD8 must be registered to vote by Monday, January 29, to vote in the Primary Election and by Monday, March 26, to vote in the General Election.

What This Means for You and Me

CAP immediately has to set in motion our Elections 2018 plan. That means drafting and getting legal approval for our candidate survey questions. That means getting our upgrades completed and ready to go by Wednesday, January 31. That means getting voter registration information out by Monday, January 29. Those living in CD8 have a significant decision to make!

Our 2018 priority must be to ensure citizens are equipped with the information needed about where candidates stand on the issues that matter most in order to make an informed choice on voting. That takes resources!

If you’ve followed my emails over the past two weeks, you know we have much to do in the coming months, along with the people to make it happen! Though we weren’t anticipating going into elections mode this early, we’ve got to be ready with the election resources you’ve trusted for many years.

Would you consider making a special gift today to help us move forward with our Elections 2018 plans? We no longer have until June to set everything in motion.  


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