BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Court Tramples Religious Freedom

Arizona Court Tramples Religious Freedom

Yesterday, Maricopa County Judge Karen Mullins issued a court ruling trampling on the religious freedom of two Christian artists in Phoenix, Arizona.

Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski own Brush & Nib Studio, a business dedicated to creating hand-drawn invitations and paintings for weddings, businesses, and other events. The artists create messages that align with their core beliefs and faith.

However, a City of Phoenix ordinance prevents them from running their business in accordance with their faith. Under the ordinance, if Brush & Nib create wedding invitations or artwork for weddings, they will be compelled to create invitations for same-sex weddings. The ordinance also prevents them from explaining to customers why according to their faith they can only create artwork for marriages between one man and one woman. If Joanna and Breanna violate the law they would be criminally liable, and could be penalized up to $2,500 and six months in jail for each day they are in violation.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys already have announced plans to appeal the court’s decision. As attorney Jonathan Scruggs noted, “No creative professional should be threatened with jail time for expressing a point of view that the government doesn’t favor.” To read more about the case and the court’s opinion, visit

While the legal focus now turns to the appellate process, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) will continue to advocate for public policy at all government levels, including the State Capitol, for the rights of all citizens to live and work according to their faith. We will work to make sure this court decision does not lead to other policymakers enacting the draconian Phoenix ordinance that tramples on the freedoms of speech, belief, and association.

We cannot understate the importance of the need for CAP to be able to respond to this and other threats to come. So please stand with us today with your gift!

You know that our religious freedoms are being trampled under the foot of those – right here in Arizona – who seek to advance their own agendas at the expense of our cherished and long-held liberties. You also know that Center for Arizona Policy will be here, as your advocate! You make this work possible!

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