Igniting a Firestorm

Nothing enflames the abortion industry like a grand victory for the pro-life movement. The overturning of Roe last June righted a horrible wrong; it also ignited a firestorm against all pro-life efforts, villainizing even the most compassionate, service-focused endeavors.

Do No Good

Planned Parenthood released a list of demands it wants Governor Hobbs to fulfill now that the abortion giant has successfully helped get her into office. The list includes defunding pregnancy resource centers. PRCs offer support, baby food, car seats, strollers, baby clothes, parenting classes, and a lot more to women facing unplanned pregnancies so they can choose life and care for their babies. Apparently, Planned Parenthood wants to eliminate any competition when it comes to counseling such women. A Planned Parenthood of Arizona leader called PRCs “fake women’s health centers” that mislead women. Ironic. Read about the list of demands here.

Here Come the Feds

The Biden administration continues to create new ways to promote abortion, deter life-saving efforts, and even punish those behind pro-life efforts. The latest scheme includes the DOJ targeting state abortion restrictions. A DOJ official said the department would be “looking at any laws that may get passed that infringe on federal protections.” This is the same federal agency that only recently made two arrests in some of the nearly 80 attacks on pregnancy resource centers – but arrested 26 pro-life advocates for praying outside abortion clinics. Read a news report on Biden’s move here and more on the arrests here.

Feds Push Abortion Pill

In another Biden administration effort to use federal departments to effectively make law, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security will be pushing access to the abortion pill. President Biden issued a memo directing the departments to take various steps to ensure women can get the dangerous chemical abortion pills. Biden’s FDA already weakened safety precautions and told pharmacies they could sell the abortion pill. Now, the federal government will be promoting the pill and looking for ways to break down any other safety barriers to it. Read the memo here. Under Arizona law, pharmacies won’t be dispensing the abortion pill. Read a news report here on why.

The A is for Abortion

Pro-abortion activists held a press conference at the state Capitol this week to encourage lawmakers to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). They want to use the ERA to undermine abortion regulations under the guise of “equality.” U.S. Senate leaders want to retroactively remove the long-passed deadline. Read here why it is a bad idea, and likely moot.

Another AZ Pro-life Law on the Books

A federal judge last week reinstated a 2021 CAP-supported law that bans discriminatory abortions on unborn babies with genetic conditions such as Down syndrome. The law was unenforceable during a legal challenge, but the judge ruled it a moot point now that Roe was overturned. Read more here and here. Watch my interview here at 18:01:47.

Arizonans March for Life February 23rd!

The national March for Life 2023 is over, but Arizonans are gearing up for our own strong showing next month in downtown Phoenix. It will be the first March for Life since the overturning of Roe. CAP ally, Choices Pregnancy Center is marking 40 years of serving women facing unplanned pregnancies by joining with other allies at the march. Get more details and a map here.

High Hopes

We await a Texas ruling that could force the FDA to pull its approval of the abortion pill. A judge is considering whether the FDA exceeded its authority in approving the pill, and unlawfully weakened safety regulations, and authorized the distribution of the pill through the mail. The ruling could come as soon as next month and could end up at the U.S. Supreme Court. Read a news media account here.


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