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ACTION ALERT: Last Day to Register to Vote!

Monday, July 28, 2014

When the clock strikes midnight TONIGHT it will be too late to register to vote in time for the August 26 Primary Election!

This means that if you...

  • Have friends or family that recently moved to Arizona 

  • Have moved since the last election and not updated your registration 

  • Have turned or will turn 18 by August 26

… you must go online to register to vote today to ensure your voice is heard in this crucial election! Or you can print off this form and either drop it off at your County Recorder's office or mail it in by Tuesday. If you’re already registered to vote, then make sure you visit azvoterguide.com to access your personalized Voter Guide, order Voter Guide resources, and more! You and I have a very unique blessing in common – we are fortunate to live in a state with one of the strongest advocates for foundational principles.



  • Register to vote! Or update your voter registration.

  • Share this picture on Facebook about getting registered to vote. You’d be surprised how many of our friends and neighbors aren’t registered to vote.

  • Contribute to the Voter Guide Money Bomb. Tomorrow is the last day to make your gift towards the Money Bomb!! Help us today by making your tax deductible gift online.

  • Access your Voter Guide. Make sure you know where the candidates stand that matter to you most with CAP’s personalized Voter Guide.

  • Order Voter Guide resources for your church or community group. Help distribute and promote the Guide!

  • Don't let your voice be silenced this election!

    Why it matters.

    Friday, July 25, 2014
    Quick praise report from our Voter Guide Money Bomb – so far, we’ve raised just over $33,000 towards our $50,000 goal! We’re more than halfway there!

    This is a GREAT start – but we still have a ways to go!

    Yesterday’s press conference in front of the Tempe Planned Parenthood is the perfect example of why this election is so important, and why it’s so crucial we get our Voter Guides throughout the state.

    You can watch a recap of yesterday’s press conference from Fox 10 below:

    FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com

    Planned Parenthood allegedly failed to report a rape to the authorities to avoid the “hassle.” The accused rapist Tyler Kost then went on to rape at least 3 more girls.

    In May, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu referred the case to the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Health Services. To date, there has not been an investigation into the clinic.

    Yesterday, the Women’s Health Protection Act, sponsored by Rep. Debbie Lesko, went into effect. This new law allows for unannounced inspections of abortion clinics. CAP, the Arizona Life Coalition, Alliance Defending Freedom, Susan B. Anthony List, Students for Life, and Voices for the Voiceless held the press conference to call for the immediate investigation of this clinic.

    If we didn’t have legislators who supported life, and stood up against Planned Parenthood – if we didn’t have a governor who would sign pro-life legislation – This would not have been possible.

    This year, Arizonans are choosing a new Governor, Attorney General, Legislature, and more.

    It’s vital that our churches and communities know where these candidates stand on the issues that matter most.

    That’s what’s great about azvoterguide.com – it cuts through the spin and gives you the nonpartisan, straightforward answers on the candidates.

    But without your help, we can’t get this resource across the state. Please. Help us get to the finish line by making a gift to the Voter Guide Money Bomb. We’re already more than half way there!

    Latest From AZPolicyPages.com

    • See the pics! Check out more pics from the rally on our Facebook page!
    • Call for interns. The election season is one of the most exciting times to intern with CAP. If you’re a college student looking for front line public policy experience, apply for a CAP internship.
    • Sign the Petition! If you haven’t signed the petition yet to call for the immediate investigation into Planned Parenthood, do so today!
    • Deadline to register to vote is almost here! The deadline to register is MIDNIGHT MONDAY! Visit azvoterguide.com to register.
    • 7 CAP-supported bills take effect! Yesterday, seven CAP-supported bills that were signed into law took effect. Read more about them on our Bill Tracker.

    Hobby Lobby and SB 1062

    Friday, July 11, 2014

    The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) rights of the Green Family (who own Hobby Lobby) and the Hahn family (who own Conestoga Wood Specialties) had a very real tie to Arizona’s SB 1062.

    One of the primary purposes CAP supported SB 1062 was to clarify Arizona’s own Religious Freedom Restoration Act to ensure that every Arizonan is not forced to surrender their religious beliefs merely because they start a business. 

    In the majority opinion, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito echoed this fundamental principle when he wrote:

    “Business practices compelled or limited by the tenets of a religious doctrine fall comfortably within the understanding of the “exercise of religion” that this Court set out in Employment Div., Dept. of Human Resources of Ore. v. Smith.

    Any suggestion that for-profit corporations are incapable of exercising religion because their purpose is simply to make money flies in the face of modern corporate law.”

    Make no mistake, this was no small victory for religious freedom, but it also is not the final word. There is still much to be done to ensure every Arizonan is free to live and work according to their faith.

    As with SB 1062, opponents have launched a massive misinformation campaign about the decision. Take time to understand what government mandates were objectionable to the Green and Hahn families. The federal government attempted to compel the family-owned businesses to provide and pay for abortion medication in their employee health insurance plans. Hobby Lobby did not object to providing 16 of 20 contraceptive medications mandated by the government –it’s the other four that can function to cause an abortion that were objectionable.

    Following the decision, I spoke with a number of media outlets about what it means for Arizona. Click to watch them below:

    Fox 10 – Will the Hobby Lobby Decision Bring Back SB 1062? 

    Channel 3’s Politics Unplugged – Debate with Equality Arizona

    Freedom Defined

    Monday, July 07, 2014

    Happy Independence Day!

    The Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties religious freedom victories before the U.S. Supreme Court exemplify the ideals our nation was founded upon.

    It was 238 years ago that our nation declared its freedom and independence. It seems in recent years, we’ve lost sight of what freedom truly means.

    At the CAP Family Dinner in May, we shared this video of friends sharing what freedom means to them as they live their lives, run their business, raise their families, and worship God.

    Latest on AZ Policy Pages


    Friday, June 27, 2014

    There’s been a lot going on this week on life, marriage and family, and religious liberty. You have to pay close attention to keep track of all the changes! So, in case you missed it (ICYMI), here’s an update.

    Waiting for the Hobby Lobby decision. On Monday, the Supreme Court will announce the decision on Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods. As private business owners, the Green and Hahn families both face heavy fines imposed by the HHS mandate, simply for refusing to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs and pay for abortion-inducing drugs. The Beckett Fund and Alliance Defending Freedom argued the cases before the court in March.

    Supreme Court rules abortion clinic buffer zones unconstitutional. In this major win for the pro-life movement, the Supreme Court ruled the 35-foot buffer zone law in Massachusetts was unconstitutional. This victory will allow free speech surrounding abortion clinics so that counselors can help women in need. 

    Church stays open! In spite of the odds, the Isaiah 58 Project in Quartzsite, Arizona raised the $68,000 needed to keep their doors open! Now they can continue to serve their community and fight the unconstitutional tax assessment that was levied against them by the La Paz County Assessor. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are representing the Church of the Isaiah 58 Project in the lawsuit over the wrongly-assessed taxes.

    Divided 10th Circuit Court overrules Utah’s marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and woman. This is the first time a federal circuit court has ruled on marriage since last summer’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The Governor of Utah continues to stand for marriage between one man and one woman and plans to appeal the ruling. Echoing what Chief Justice Roberts wrote last summer in his Windsor dissent, the Utah Governor said he believes it is up to the states to determine their laws on marriage.

    How did we get here?

    Friday, June 20, 2014

    The U.S. Supreme Court will be issuing a ruling in the coming days on historic Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties cases. It’s been a long road that’s led us here. 

    Here’s the timeline of events that brought us to today. We are closely monitoring the High Court, and will let you know as soon as a decision comes down. 

    Latest From AZPolicyPages.com



    Friday, June 13, 2014

    It seems like every day, there’s another major development or important article on the issues of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.

    Here are some of the latest updates – In Case You Missed It (and don’t feel bad if you didn’t know what ICYMI meant. This is one of the many benefits of having a younger crew on staff…)

    Pennsylvania Court Clerk Stands for MarriageAfter a federal court overturned Pennsylvania’s voter-approved marriage amendment, PA Governor Pete Corbett decided not to defend the will of the voters in court. Now a courageous court clerk has picked up this mantle to defend marriage between one man and one woman in the state. Twenty members of the Pennsylvania legislature have filed a brief in support of the clerk.

    Assessing “God and the Gay Christian.” Ex-gay leader Joe Dallas has written a seven-part series on his blog in response to Matthew Vine’s new book God and the Gay Christian. These posts are a must read for anyone interested in understanding why Vine’s proposals are theologically wrong – and dangerous. 

    Why SCOTUS may hear Arizona’s FDA Protocol LawsuitThe Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals bucked legal precedent when they blocked the CAP-supported law requiring abortion clinics distribute the dangerous and deadly abortion pill in line with FDA protocol. This decision sets up a circuit split that may force the U.S. Supreme Court’s hand to take up this case.

    Marriage, Marketing, and Intimidation: "It is up to you, fearless reader, to act." Proponents of same-sex marriage haven’t won in the arena of ideas – they have won through manipulation and intimidation. Those who oppose them must speak up.

    University sticks taxpayers with $700,000 bill for retaliating against conservative professorAfter attempting to deny a professor a promotion because of his religious convictions, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington must now pay $710,626.50 in the wake of a 7-year lawsuit.

    Foreclosed and Forced Out

    Friday, May 30, 2014

    One of the loudest attacks against SB 1062 – the CAP-supported bill which would have protected the right of every Arizonan to live and work according to their faith – was that there is no threat to religious freedom in America today. People can still go to church. Our freedom is intact.

    But you and I know better. And we are seeing stories like these two more often that show why our First Freedom is in jeopardy:

    La Paz County forcing closure of church that helps the homeless

    The Church of the Isaiah 58 Project runs a homeless shelter out of its church in La Paz County. Along with providing medical care, shelter, and clean clothes, the church also provides nearly 13,000 meals to the County’s homeless every winter. 

    Under state law, the church qualified for an exemption from property taxes and filed the appropriate paperwork with the La Paz County Assessor. The assessor sat on the church’s paperwork for three years before granting a tax exemption and then only granted it for the years 2009 and later, leaving the church with back-taxes for 2007-2008 that it should not owe. 

    As the assessor wasn’t applying state law as intended by the policymakers, our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit defending the church in court. In 2013, Gov. Brewer vetoed a CAP-supported bill intended to clarify state law to ensure the assessor would properly apply the law. 

    Now, a church that operates on a $50,000 annual budget owes a tax lien of $68,000 by June 15 or it will be forced to close its doors. This is the definition of injustice. Since our nation’s founding, churches have been exempt from property taxes. Not only because of the very clear benefits they provide to our communities, but also because of the fundamental principle that the government should stay out of the business of the church.

    If you would like to help the church by making a donation, you can click here.

    The intolerance of tolerance

    You may recall right before the veto of SB 1062, 11 law professors, led by University of Virginia Law School Professor Douglas Laycock, sent a letter to Gov. Brewer in an attempt to clarify all of the misinformation and lies surrounding the bill. 

    What was most powerful about the letter was not all of the professors were conservatives or agree with our stance on marriage. Professor Laycock is not regarded as a conservative. In fact, he would probably disagree with me on several issues – for instance, he believes marriage should be redefined.

    But like those few who actually read the bill, Professor Laycock recognized that the media hype surrounding the bill had completely distorted its true impact. As a longtime legal expert on First Amendment law, Professor Laycock knows how laws like Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act were designed to operate and why they were necessary.

    Writing that letter has not come without a cost. Since that time, the homosexual community has come after Professor Laycock - starting with an open letter, accusing Professor Laycock of harming homosexual students with his work.

    They also filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking “among other things, university-funded travel expenses and cellphone records for the past two-and-a-half years,” and “a full, transparent accounting of the resources used by Professor Laycock which may be going towards halting the progress of the LGBT community and to erode the reproductive rights of women across the country.”

    These types of intimidation tactics are designed to suppress speech and restrain diversity of opinion. You can only imagine that these accusers will only be satisfied if Professor Laycock completely renounces his work, or is forced out.

    Hardly an exercise in true freedom. 

    Whether it’s Elane Photography, Hobby Lobby, the 2013 veto (mentioned above) or the 2014 veto of the CAP-supported bill (HB 2281) that would have ensured churches that rent their property don’t pay property tax, there is no shortage of stories that show that our religious freedom is in danger of being eradicated in the name of “tolerance.” 

    Latest from AZ Policy Pages

    Words to remember

    Friday, May 30, 2014

    Memorial Day is a reminder of the ultimate price so many Americans have paid in defense of freedom. 

    At the CAP Family Dinner earlier this month, we shared how the freedoms that countless men and women in our military have laid down their lives to defend are fragile, and can be lost easily. It is our heart at Center for Arizona Policy to ensure these hard fought fundamental liberties are protected and preserved for generations to come. 

    One of the most powerful moments of the evening was when five Arizona leaders read excerpts of speeches and writings on freedom. This included messages from Patrick Henry, Margaret Thatcher, Abraham Lincoln, Alveda King, and Ronald Reagan. 

    Watch the short video of these speeches below and share it as an encouragement to your friends and family to remember our fallen veterans, and the cause of freedom they died for this Memorial Day.

    Latest from AZ Policy Pages

    • 32 Arizona lawmakers stand up to Planned Parenthood! Read the amicus brief these legislators filed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of the CAP-supported law that ensures abortion clinics distribute the dangerous and deadly abortion pill in line with FDA protocol.
    • Don’t miss Ravi and Prager! Ravi Zacharias and Dennis Prager are coming to Phoenix on June 5 for an event at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria. Don’t miss it!
    • Judicial lawlessness. Another single Federal Court judge has ignored the will of the majority of Pennsylvanians who voted to protect marriage as only the union of one man and one woman. 

    Before you go...

    Friday, May 16, 2014
    As the temperature rises across the state, the population of “locals” tends to decrease as people head out for vacations and cooler temps. 

    But before you hit the road, keep in mind that we are in a critical election year. This means that not only do we have a November 4 General Election, but we also have an August 26 Primary Election, which is just as important. 

    Elections – especially Primary Elections – are often won by the smallest of margins. The primary elections often determine the makeup of the state legislature.

    And after one of the most contentious legislative sessions in recent memory, I have no doubt that this year will be no different. 

    That’s why my message to you this year is simple – don’t let yourself be silenced. There are many organizations and individuals that hope you stay home this election season, or that you at least sit out the August Primary. 

    As always, Center for Arizona Policy does not endorse or oppose candidates for office. But we will do all we can to educate and equip you so you – the voter – make your voice heard.

    So before you take off, here are four easy steps for you to take to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear this year:

    1. PRAY! This is (obviously) the most important thing you can do. Pray for good government. Pray for mercy on our state and nation. Pray for our families and our future. And always remember pray for those in authority over us.
    2. REGISTER VOTERS. You would be surprised how many in your church or community are not registered to vote, or haven’t updated their registration since moving. That’s why Center for Arizona Policy provides everything you need for free at azvoterguide.com to conduct a voter registration drive. Check it out today!
    3. SIGN A CANDIDATE PETITION. To qualify for the ballot, candidates have to turn in petitions signed by registered voters in their district. Signing the petition of a candidate only takes a few minutes because you now can do it electronically! Get involved and help them qualify for the ballot by clicking here and electronically signing their candidate petition. 
    4. SIGN UP FOR AN EARLY BALLOT. If you’re not already on the Permanent Early Voting List, you’re missing out on a tremendously convenient service from our state. About one month before the election, you’ll automatically receive your ballot in the mail for you to fill out, and mail back. Avoid the lines at the polls on Election Day! Click here to access a list of County Recorders, then select your county to sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List. 
      Latest from AZ Policy Pages
    • Don’t miss Ravi Zacharias and Dennis Prager in Phoenix! Center for Arizona Policy is cosponsoring this June 5 event with two of the most influential thinkers in the country. They’ll be tackling the questions “What is tolerance?” and “Has tolerance come to mean moral apathy in today’s society?”
    • Voting Records now available! CAP’s 2014 Family Issues Voting Records are now available at azpolicy.org. Find out how your legislators voted on key legislation impacting life, marriage and family, and religious liberty. 

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