A Federal District Court Judge has redefined marriage in Arizona. Read CAP President Cathi Herrod's statement. 

Grief Yes, Despair No

Join 960 The Patriot's Hugh Hewitt and CAP President Cathi Herrod for our special post-election event! Find out what the election will mean for America and Arizona.

Ditat Deus

Join CAP for a Praise and Worship Rally at the Arizona State Capitol.


There are only two Sundays left before the November 4 General Election. Get your Voter Guides today.

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Join CAP in prayer for the General Election season. Access our 5 Weeks of Prayer Guide to pray for our leaders and the future of our state and nation. 

5 Weeks of Prayer

    Promoting and Defending...


    The sanctity of human life should be protected from its very beginning to its natural end.
    Learn more...

    Marriage & Family

    Marriages and families should be strengthened by public policy, not attacked or weakened.
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    Religious Liberty

    Religious liberty should be affirmed and free from government interference.
    Learn more...

    How did they vote?

    How did they vote?

    Family Issues Voting Record

    See how your legislators voted on key issues impacting life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.

    Who Represents You?

    Who Represents You?

    Contact Your Elected Officials

    Find out who your elected leaders are and how to contact them. 

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Updated Privacy Policy

    CAP updated our privacy policy. Read it here. 

    The Policy Pages

    The Policy Pages

    A Guide to Family Issues

    A comprehensive resource that provides the latest data and research on the issues of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.

    Bill Tracker

    ESA Expansion: HB 2139

    4/23 Signed by Governor Brewer...

    Criminalizing Assisted Suicide: HB 2565

    4/30 Signed by Governor Brewer...

    ESA Revisions: SB 1237

    4/30 Signed by Governor Brewer...

    ESA Expansion: SB 1236

    4/23 Failed Senate Third Read (12-16-2)...

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