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Some days you have to just love the hypocrisy of the left. You may have seen the recent announcement by fashion designer Sophie Theallet that she will not “dress” the next First Lady, Melania Trump. Theallet stated: “The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all...

Arizona Stands Alone

On this Veteran’s Day, I am grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed time with their families, potential career advancement, risked their lives and much more to defend and advance freedom for all. We at CAP are humbled by your selflessness. Thank you to all...

Leave Nothing Behind

With just four days left and a tightening race to defeat Prop 205, we can leave nothing behind. Every effort must be made to encourage our families, friends, and those within our circles of influence to get to the polls Tuesday – and vote NO on Prop 205! Recent polls...

I’m Counting on Your to Vote

If you are holding onto your early ballot, I urge you to fill it out and get it in the mail by Tuesday! Our country and our state could look very different in less than two weeks. The Arizona legislature will have new members and new leaders, and the direction of our...

Take Action to Stop Prop 205

Many Arizona voters are buying the lies Prop 205 proponents are selling. Those who casually pay attention believe the claim that legalizing recreational marijuana will send money to local schools but we know that is not true. Please help us educate voters about Prop...

My Thoughts on Elections 2016

Increasingly, I am hearing tales of voter fatigue and even disgust with the national political scene. Divisions appear to be exploding within families, within churches, and within the body of Christ. CAP does not endorse or oppose candidates therefore we will not be...

The Tenth Edition!

We’re celebrating the tenth edition of the Arizona Voter Guide! For ten election cycles, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) has compiled candidate information and provided voters with a user-friendly guide to informed voting. In the midst of celebrating, however, we feel...

Prop 205 Misleads, Deceives

If a ballot measure truly benefits the public, its details are not hidden and its effects on that public are clear. As we continue our in-depth look into Prop 205, we find a number of deceptions and misleading claims in what proponents say, compared to what the legal...

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