Speaking Boldly

For most of us, the only thing to be grateful about is that 2020 is almost over. A pandemic . . . lockdowns imposed by politicians who are largely immune from their worst effects . . . rioting and looting on a scale never seen before in American history . . . a...

Call her Justice Barrett

Despite a Democrat Senate Judiciary Committee boycott and a concerted effort to stop the legitimate confirmation of a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, the Senate today did confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Barrett made it clear at her...

It’s Hot

Not exactly breaking news. Arizona has been setting records for some of our hottest days ever. Maybe the monsoons finally will come this weekend to more parts of the state. Meantime, some Arizonans are growing bored being at home because of the COVID-19 related...

Apathy Now, Regret Later

 Don’t let apathy silence your vote! Voting is already underway for Arizona’s August 4th primary election. This is when we pick the best candidates to be on the November ballot. Check out this quick video, then log onto azvoterguide.com  

[Church] History Repeats Itself

Academic dean and assistant professor at Phoenix Seminary*, Dr. Brian Arnold, joins us today to discuss church history and how it reveals practical lessons for us today. *Shortly after the recording of this podcast, Dr. Arnold was named President of Phoenix Seminary.