For most of us, the only thing to be grateful about is that 2020 is almost over.

A pandemic . . . lockdowns imposed by politicians who are largely immune from their worst effects . . . rioting and looting on a scale never seen before in American history . . . a bitterly divisive election whose results at the national level portend more power for the far Left . . . 

What do we have to be grateful for?

I’ll tell you what. I am grateful to God for my family and friends. I am grateful to live in the most beautiful state in our great nation.

I’m grateful to be a servant leader in a community that is not afraid to Speak Boldly in defense of the values upon which our state and our nation are based.

I’m especially grateful that the champions of life, family, and religious freedom were heard loud and clear on election day in Arizona, leading to the most pro-life and pro-family state house and senate Arizona has seen in a few years.

What could have been a historic disaster for the Arizona Legislature was averted, despite the millions spent—the majority of which came from outside of Arizona—against pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom candidates.

Yet, those millions spent did have an effect. Arizonans voted to legalize marijuana, and we are now represented in the United States Senate by two supposedly “moderate” progressives who will likely rubber stamp every assault on life, freedom, and family that makes it to their desks.

It is for all of these reasons I am grateful even as I remain concerned.

The battle for the future and for our families only accelerates from here on out. This is why Center for Arizona Policy will be Speaking Boldly in 2021.

And this is why I need your help.

I’m asking you to  help us to reach our Year End Goal of $500,000—an ambitious goal that will keep our team on solid footing heading into 2021 and the next year’s opportunity to reclaim that U.S. Senate seat and push back against emboldened progressives who think they can successfully turn AZ blue.

Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities we do have in order to fight for the rights and values that are under threat.

And I’m grateful to be in this battle with you.



Cathi Herrod, Esq.

P.S. Whatever you can give to help Center for Arizona Policy reach our Year End Goal of $500,000 today will not just be greatly appreciated—it will go a long way to making 2021 a year of Speaking Boldly, and of making the sacrifices of 2020 pay off. Thank you!

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